4 Tips to Keep Your Patio Secure During Monsoon Season


Monsoon season in Arizona can be unpredictable. High winds, dust storms, and even heavy torrential rains plague the area, causing widespread damage to homes and commercial buildings. Usually, this season runs from June 15 through September 30. So, while we might be nearing the end of the season, you shouldn’t put your guard down just yet. At Mesa Awning, we do a lot of repairs and awning replacements after monsoon seasons, but there are things you can do yourself to protect your patio from severe damage. Toward that end, here are four tips to help you get through the remainder of this year’s storms.

1. Bring the Hose Out

High winds during the monsoon season tend to kick up a lot of dust. It’s not uncommon for a dust storm to sweep through the area, blanketing everything, including your patio. So, before a windstorm comes through, set the hose out within reach so you can spray everything down after the fact. Avoid spraying things down beforehand, as the moisture can catch more dust and debris. So, you’ll want your patio to remain dry as the dust passes through and then spray it away afterward.

2. Properly Secure Patio Furniture

Some patio furniture is susceptible to being carried away by high winds. Wind hazards are some of the most dangerous to accessories when it comes to monsoon season. These accessories include patio umbrellas and sails. If a patio accessory hasn’t been installed by a professional and is affixed to your home or concrete, then you’ll want to store them away in preparation for a storm. Additionally, microbursts of wind can quickly carry away a patio umbrella, slamming it into trees, cars, and even neighboring homes. So, when you’re not outside, a good rule of thumb is to fold these up and lay them flat.

3. Invest in Weatherproof Cushions

The sun, wind, dust, and rain can really take a toll on your patio furniture cushions. The sun’s UV rays can break down the fabrics, causing them to fade and deteriorate. Constant dust storms can stain your cushions, leaving them with rust color stains. If you want your cushions to last, invest in weatherproof cushions made from waterproof, stain-resistant, dust-proof, and anti-microbial fabrics. You can also invest in furniture covers to provide an extra layer of protection for your patio furniture.

4. Retract Your Canvas Awning

Retractable awnings are made from durable materials, but they can’t often withstand the damaging winds of a monsoon. So, before a storm arrives, make sure you retract your awning. This will keep it snug against the house and prevent wind, hail, dust, and rain damage. If you cannot retract your awning before a storm, make sure you inspect it immediately for damage. This can include everything from fabric tears to bent metal supports. If damage has occurred, get your awning repaired right away. Failing to repair a damaged awning can create more problems down the road or prevent your awning from operating correctly.

Call for Awning Installation or Repairs

Awnings are a great way to decrease the heat of your patio and protect your backyard from all the sun damage. Having one installed professionally by Mesa Awning also ensures you save on your home’s overall energy bills. However, summer storms and monsoon seasons can cause significant damage to awnings, dramatically reducing these benefits. So, if you live in Mesa, AZ, and need a new awning installed or repaired, then call us at Mesa Awning. We also provide sturdy and reliable pergolas, carports, and mobile home skirting. Give us a call today at (480) 969-4064.

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