4 Reasons to Build a Carport Garage


Cars are expensive, and most car owners take auto loans and other such financial aid to purchase a vehicle. Even a used car can cost more than a couple of thousand dollars. Also, cars are vulnerable to regular wear and tear; they require maintenance and repairs, especially if they aren’t protected from the elements. A carport garage is a great way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle and reduce its overall maintenance cost.

Why is a Carport Garage Needed?

A carport is a shelter mounted on poles that can protect your car from the elements. It’s not a full garage and you can easily build it on an empty space on your property. Here are some advantages of a carport garage:

1. Added Protection For Your Car

A carport provides shelter against sunlight, rain and falling wind debris. If you place a solid roof on the poles, you won’t have to worry about your car sustaining damage during different weather conditions. You can also store other kinds of vehicles like bikes, bicycles and ATVs in the carport garage. These structures can be built quickly and customized according to your requirements. An experienced contractor like Mesa Awning will also make sure that the design of the carport blends seamlessly with your home’s architecture.

Mesa Awning Carport

2. Added Value to Your Home

If your home doesn’t have a garage, buyers might not be willing to pay a good value for it. New home buyers will always consider the absence of a garage a big disadvantage. While you will spend some money to add a carport to your home, it adds value to your property; you will also be able to recover some of the money you spent on the structure at the point of sale. If you build a solid, good-quality carport, you will see significant improvement in your property’s price.

3. Carports Don’t Have Doors

Carports have an open design so they don’t have walls or doors. You don’t have to worry about juggling heavy bags and doors when you return from shopping or other such trips. The open design also helps you move around easily so you can enter and exit the garage with ease.

4. Affordability

A full garage can be very expensive because you need to install the walls, add a garage door, and deal with the added maintenance cost. A full garage will also take more time to build, which can add to the labor costs. A carport is much simpler in design and doesn’t require as much time to build. The installer will just anchor some metal posts to the ground and place a roof on top of the posts. These structures are resilient yet minimalistic. Carports might look plain in design, but they’re strong and durable. The posts are anchored solidly to the ground so you don’t have to worry about them falling or bending during a storm.

As you can see, a carport garage can help you keep your car safe and in good condition. You just need to make sure they’re strong and can withstand the outdoor conditions. Experts from Mesa Awning will build the best carport garage for you. We consider your budget and requirements carefully and provide a solution that suits your purpose. Contact us today for a free quote!

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