4 Reasons Pets Enjoy Patio Covers


Arizona pet owners love going above and beyond for their furry friends. The summers can be a grueling season for all pets, especially those who enjoy spending time outdoors with their owners. Here at Mesa Awning, we know how critical it is to provide a shady spot for your pets to relax while everyone is enjoying the backyard. That’s why many homeowners turn to us for patio coverings and protection from the sun. Not only do our retractable awnings provide you plenty of comfort and shade from the sun, but your pets will also enjoy these direct benefits.

1. Paw Protection

Under the Arizona sun, concrete and asphalt can reach temperatures hot enough to melt tires. Now, imagine walking on these surfaces with your bare feet. You probably wouldn’t last long − or even attempt to in the first place. Dog and cat paws are just as sensitive as your bare feet, if not more, and walking on hot concrete can cause pad burns. With the installation of an awning over your patio, you can eliminate the sun’s direct contact with your patio, which lowers the concrete temperature and makes it safe for your pet. As your awning professionals, we can even measure beyond your patio and provide some additional shade in the grassy area just beyond the slab.

2. Heat Stroke Prevention

Depending on your pet’s species and breed, he or she might have thick layers of fur. The fur protects their skin from burning in the sun, but it can also cause them to overheat. With an elevated body temperature, heat stroke can occur, which can be a life-threatening condition for your animal. An awning provides the protection your furry friend needs to keep their body cool and prevent heatstroke. If you want to guarantee that your pet stays in the shade, consider putting up patio railings or a sunroom instead. This home feature allows the entire family to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of a heat-related illness.

3. Indoor Shade

Did you know that the sun’s heat can come through your windows as well? This means your pet could experience a heat stroke indoors if your home is not adequately ventilated or cooled. With an awning extending off the back patio, you not only get the benefit of a shady outdoor spot, but you also protect your home from excess unwanted heat. If you want to protect your entire home, window awnings will also help cool your home and stop the damaging UV rays from fading any carpet or furniture.

4. Refreshing Water

If you’ve ever left a drink outdoors in the summer sun, you know how quickly it can lose its refreshing, cold temperature. The same goes for your pet’s water bowl. If your patio or backyard lacks any sort of shade, the cold water you put out for them will quickly heat up, making it unattractive to your pet. If your pet doesn’t stay hydrated while outdoors, you run the risk of them developing heat stroke or becoming dangerously dehydrated. The same can be said for the food sources you leave out for your pet. But, with an awning, you never have to worry about the temperature of the water or the food going bad before your pet has a chance to consume it.

Awnings Benefit the Entire Family

Are you tired of not being able to enjoy your backyard or patio in the summer? Then call Mesa Awning! We have a wide range of patio coverings to choose from, including pergolas, awnings, and screen rooms. For 35 years, we’ve proudly been keeping Mesa, AZ, residents, and their furry friends comfortable outdoors with our patio coverings. To get a free quote, give us a call today at (480) 969-4064

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