4 Creative Carport Ideas


Custom carports are more popular than ever and can allow those of us with an eye for design to add a bit of creativity to our driveways and homes. If you do not have a garage, or need an extra parking spot, carports are a great way to keep your vehicles cool in the heat and protected from the sun’s UV rays, especially during the hot summer months.

In a state such as Arizona, where temperatures go into the triple digits in the summer time, carports in Phoenix and the surrounding Valley are a must have to create protective coverage and shade. Why don’t we take a look at five eye-catching carports and canopies we’ve seen across the web!


wood carport

Want a larger carport area with a more rugged craftsman look? This stylish carport is more elegant than most you see. It also has some additional storage built into it. When choosing a carport, this example of distinctive style can add that special touch by matching the exterior design of your home. This particular one is built as a stand alone structure separate from the home. A stand alone carport structure can be a wise decision if you need additional parking, want to add some extra storage to your property, and have the space available to built the carport. These impressive wood columns supporting this large carport create a beautiful look with the use of both wood and stone in the design. The craftsmanship of a carport design like this will surely be admired up and down the block and the neighbors will be impressed by a new addition like this.



Let’s be honest, we would all love to have a carport this large on our property. With room for larger vehicles, a large family BBQ, and lots of storage, this carport has enjoyment written all over it. Providing shade for family events, additional parking in the garage and carport areas, along with lots of storage truly is a Phoenix carport fan’s dream come true. If you have enough space in your yard and are looking to get started on a large carport, contact our team today at Mesa Awning for a free quote.




custom carport

This is an attractive looking carport with the perfect combination of parking and additional storage space. This carport’s size makes it a great choice for those of us who do not have larger properties to build a bigger structure on, or those of us who do not need more than a regular sized carport with covered parking for our vehicles. This type of carport can be a great addition to a Phoenix area home and can bring great value to your home.



large carport


For those of us who farm or have large properties that require storage of equipment and machines, this is the appropriate type of carport. Of course, you will need more land to be able to house a structure this large than the average person has available for a Phoenix carport, but it can protect and cover all valuable equipment, as well as livestock feed, machinery, etc.



The choices of style, design, and size of available carports in Phoenix are endless. Contact one of Mesa Awning’s experienced carport and retractable awnings specialist, who will be able to help you determine what size and style carport will work best for you. As you can see from the images above, we have only shown you a small sampling of the types of Phoenix carports out there, so have fun exploring and choosing the right carport for you! Contact us to help you find the best carport parking and storage options for your home in the Phoenix and the Valley.

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