3 Tips for Winterizing Your Screen Porch


When the weather is nice and warm, you and your family enjoy lounging in your sunroom throughout the day, taking in the summer breezes and sunshine while sipping on lemonade. But once the winter cold moves in, your screened porch becomes a cold and useless extension of your home. The porch experts at Mesa Awning think you should be able to enjoy your sunroom all year round, which is why we’ve put together these tips for winterizing this space and getting the most out of it when it’s cold outside. 

Use Plastic Sheets

Consider putting clear plastic on the inside of your screens to trap the warmth of your home inside and keep the cold wind from getting through. Before hanging any sheets of plastic, inspect your screens for any holes or damage that you can quickly patch or replace. Next, using heavy-duty tape, secure the plastic to the ceiling directly above the windows and then snugly secure it to the floor. Follow this same technique for covering the doorway to the yard as well. 

Take Advantage of Portable Heaters

In order to add warmth to your screen porch once you’ve blocked out the cold, plug in some portable heaters. If you want to give the space a cozy feel, invest in a faux fireplace that puts out a significant amount of heat. Not only are these units decorative, but they also give you the sense of having a fireplace without the mess of wood and ash. For added convenience, look for a unit that’s on a timer or has a remote for easy on/off operation.

Install Vinyl or Wood Coverings

Easily transform your screened porch into another interior room by installing vinyl or wood screen coverings. Unlike the plastic option, you should secure these to the exterior of your screened porch and use weather stripping to seal any cracks and prevent the cold from creeping in. These panels not only block out more wind, but they also transform your screened porch into a room you can use all year round. This option is also more aesthetically appealing. 

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