3 Creative Garden Patio Ideas for Your Arizona Backyard


It is your backyard space and you want to make the most of it in a unique way that showcases your personality and taste. Large or small, you can imaginatively create a garden patio to suit your goals. A garden patio can be used in a number of ways. Relaxing, playing, socializing and dining can all be accommodated in the following creative garden patio ideas.

A Bistro Patio in Your Small Garden

For those looking for design inspiration for a garden patio, a bistro patio may be the perfect solution. A garden patio can be outfitted with a small table and two chairs and works well with smaller spaces. This nook will be the perfect spot for a morning coffee or evening aperitif. Partners can even play at hand or two of cards as the sun sets. Water elements can be added with wall fountains and the trickling sound can soothe work-weary souls. A bistro patio in your garden requires a minimum space of 6 ft. x 6 ft.

Play with Pavers

Stones and pavers do not have to be the same size or of the same material. Illusions can be created with a mixed approach to walkways and flooring of garden patios. An eye-catching conceptual design of a bubbling stream is created with a combination of stained concrete pavers surrounding colored stones in a circular shape. Native plants and shrubs create a lush feel without needing much maintenance and can be traded out for other plantings as the season changes. The creative garden patio suits al fresco dining, summer play and BBQs or fire pits can complement the space. A shade sail can create a respite from direct sun during the hottest part of the day in Arizona.

Incorporate Modern Design and Indoor Elements

Make your creative garden patio reflect your preferences and interests. Wooden walls and barriers can create secluded garden patios that draw intimate conversations. Wood paneling can be left natural, pressure-treated or stained to complement the overall design of a space. Add color and organic shapes in the form of potted plants, seating and décor. Wooden and weaved seating will absorb less heat and cushions can add bright spots of color and texture to the arrangement. Sturdy tables of slabbed concrete or upcycled finds can add personality to a space for dining and gaming. Interior designers extend the use of interior decorations with items that can include antiques, purchases from recent travels or a score from a local artisan. Modern can feel homey and inviting. Landscape designer Jared Vermeil creates family-friendly contemporary gardens. Vermeil shared:

“I like clean lines balanced by earth-toned materials and organic shapes.” He believes, “Modern can feel warm and comfortable too.”

Garden Patio Idea Planning

An important consideration in application of imaginative garden patio ideas is to match your concept to your lifestyle and environment. Those living in more arid climates may want to include native plantings that thrive in hot temperatures with little maintenance and provide sustenance for local bees, butterflies and birds. Additional shade can be created with shade sails, walls and groupings of taller plants and structures. A long-lasting garden patio concept includes a measure of flexibility and can incorporate changes as you see fit and be used for multiple purposes. Whether you have a large or small garden patio space, you can create an oasis for yourself and your family. Talk to a professional for advice on optimizing your space for your garden patio ideas.

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