11 Family Shoe Storage Hacks


Shoe storage is often one of the biggest issues for many families and finding a great way to utilize storage room organization is just one way to get those shoes under control. There are plenty of creative ways that you can get your shoes and those of your kids and spouse up and off the floor for easy storage and even easier access. Here are 11 hacks that will get your family organized.

Paint Cans

Have a ton of cans sitting around just waiting to be used for something creative? Paint cans that have been cleaned and decorated to your preference make great wall storage for shoes. Take paint cans and affix them to the wall so that the opening is sticking out and the bottom of the can is flat against the wall. You then have convenient cubby holes for shoes that are also super cute.

Hanging Shoe Storage

Do you have a bench by your front or back door? You can add a hanging storage shelf to the bottom that is chic and hip and that can help you get your shoes up off the floor and out of the way. This also makes for a great central location so that shoes do not get misplaced.

Shoe Cubbies

Everyone remembers cubbies from grade school, they were convenient right? Well try building or buying a smaller version that can help keep your kiddos shoes where they belong. This is perfect for kid’s rooms or by the back door so that they can get their shoes on in a jiffy.

Shoe Buckets

You can also utilize buckets as a way to keep shoes where they belong. This is great for families with multiple shoes that tend to stack up by the backdoor. Have a bucket for each member of the family so that all your shoes can be found neatly off the floor in one central place.


Old lockers make for a statement and are perfect for shoe storage. Get a skinny locker and add some hanging shoe shelves, the ones made of cloth, and you have your own personal shoe closet that is not only chic and hip, but also super cute and the perfect size for shoes of all types.

Wall Shelves

Ever wonder what you can do with those old pallets, well cutting them into shelves is a great way to make a shoe shelf that is going to be super cute and that is going to get your shoes up and off the floor. This makes for a wonderful space saver and is perfect for smaller spaces that need to use their space for the most.

Coat Rack as a Shoe Rack

Try hanging a coat rack with pegs close to the floor and use the pegs as shoe pegs instead. This is a great way to store a few pairs and keep dirty soles off the floor. This is also a great way to keep shoes together and to make sure that pairs do not get lost.

Pallet Boxes

These old looking boxes are great for those that want something that is going to look rustic and cool but that is going to store a great deal of shoes. You can even stack these to make larger storage without having to build a single thing.

Hangers Aren’t Just for Clothes

You can also use hangers as a way to store your shoes. Hook your shoes on a hanger and then suspend them from a rod that you have hung on the wall for a quick way to get shoes up and stored.

Shoe Boxes with Pictures

If you are worried about dust, try getting shoe sized boxes so each pair is protected. Then you need to add photos so you can identify your shoes quickly and access them when you want.

Door Hangers

You can also find hangers that affix to walls and doors. This is a great way to use all the space you have at hand and to keep your shoes up and off the floor.

These are just a few creative ways you can keep your shoes. Taking the time to find a solution that works for you is your best bet to getting your shoes organized.

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