10 Unique Pergola Ideas


If you are looking for a great way to relax outdoors in comfort and style, you may want to consider setting up a pergola in your back yard. They can become the focal point of any backyard landscaping and are an investment worth making, especially in Arizona, for a number of reasons. These structures are elegant and offer plenty of shelter from the elements (rain, sunlight, etc.). But best of all, pergolas can be fully customized to meet your specific wants and needs for your property. Regardless of the size of your yard space or landscaping theme, there is a pergola out there for you!

We have tracked down some versatile pergola ideas around the internet, and our hope is that these examples will help inspire your own dream design.

1. Detached Outdoor Dining Room


This Pergola is simply amazing. Notice how the homeowners decided to craft a specific area and walkway to the pergola. This, along with the lighting, dinning furniture, and outdoor grilling set-up make this space inviting and cozy. Take a moment to imagine how enjoyable this environment would be for a small dinner gathering.

2. Hideaway Garden Nook


Compact, private, and shaded are just a few of the reasons why we love this particular pergola! The owners did a great job of incorporating the space into the surrounding landscaping (notice the leaves from the trees are coming down through the top openings) and creating an indoor space outdoors.

3. Enchanting Fireside Retreat

While it might not be as large as some of the others we’ve seen, there is no doubting the beauty of this pergola. Simple and rustic, this pergola is adorned with a type of flowering vine, and is ideally placed next to a fire pit for easy grilling and lounging by the fire. We imagine one would have no problem relaxing in this backyard.


4. The Romantic Movie

This pergola looks like it came straight out of a romantic movie. These homeowners certainly know how to create a romantic space with their choice of potted plants and antique chandelier. The roses have been allowed to take over, which makes the pergola perfectly blend in with its surroundings. Talk about getting in touch with nature!


5. The Rustic Seating Area

These homeowners definitely spent a lot of energy planning this outdoor space and designing this pergola, and it paid off. The design of this impressive structure accents the rustic wood just right, and the addition of the outdoor fireplace and seating area is to die for!


6. Nature Retreat

There is nothing wrong with letting nature be the focal point of a backyard. From a distance, this pergola looks like a collection of spiraling trees are holding it up from underneath. This pergola is simple, timeless, and traditional, and a great addition to this landscaping.


7. Log Cabin Feel

If you’re looking to get that rustic log cabin feel with the use of a pergola in your backyard, go with natural or reclaimed wood beams. The stain the owners chose for the wood of this pergola coordinates with the stone exterior of their home perfectly.


8. The Classic

These homeowners certainly took a lot of pride in their work and it shows in the finished product. The sleek black furniture featured in this outdoor space is an excellent choice to compliment this beautiful white pergola. With the addition of handmade curtains, this homeowner surely has no problem staying shaded under this pergola.


9. Expanding The Living Space

This two-story pergola is both modern and functional. It is not only an eye catcher in this backyard, but it is also a great feature that expands the overall square footage of the home by adding additional living and dining space outdoors.


10. Pop Of Color

This pergola adds a pop of color and a lot of character to this backyard. The seat cushions and the beautiful pink flowers accent the bright yellow of the pergola very well, and the overall liveliness makes this space very inviting.


Pergolas are not only functional, but they can also be unique and beautiful. With their versatility, these structures allow owners to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. Now what could be better than that?!

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