Makeover Your Backyard with 10 Must-Have Accessories


Once you have a retractable awning, you have the beginnings of a great outdoor space to hang out and relax. A few additional accessories can bring even more fun and function to your backyard—and they don’t all require a big investment or hours of tedious landscaping. We’ll explore 10 must-have backyard accessories, some of which may surprise you.

Solar Light Stakes

Solar Light StakesSolar technology is one of the latest, most exciting advancements in outdoor lighting. By harnessing energy from sunshine (a plentiful resource here in Arizona), solar light stakes allow you to illuminate your backyard without tacking any additional cost onto your electricity bill. These portable light sources are a great way to light backyard walkways, steps and landscaped areas. They come in many styles, some of which are priced as low as a few dollars per stake.


Backyard Umbrellas

Backyard UmbrellasYou may have an awning, but nothing adds a punch of color to a backyard space quite like a bright umbrella. With a wide selection of shapes, colors and textures, turning your backyard retreat into a backyard luau can be as simple as changing your umbrella. A number of styles now include built-in lighting, setting the stage for an intimate gathering space when the sun goes down.


Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire PitsIn Arizona, some of the nicest outdoor weather comes during the winter months. Keep your backyard cozy all year round with a fire pit. Existing designs of this backyard centerpiece are limited only by the imagination, though you can also choose to customize your outdoor experience by creating a fire pit on your own.


A Grill

A GrillThe best part of getting together with friends and family is sharing good food. If you plan to entertain in your outdoor space, a grill is a must. Deciding which grill is right for you can be an involved process, so you’ll want to do some homework beforehand. Luckily, there are enough models to choose from, you’re sure to find one that can accommodate your lifestyle and budget.


Backyard Sound System

Backyard Sound SystemA backyard sound system brings the party to your backyard. Choose a system that’s convenient and portable, or one that’s durable and permanent. Speakers come in a variety of designs, some one which are mountable, wireless, or even made to resemble elements of outdoor landscaping, such as rocks and tree stumps.


Backyard Games

Backyard GamesBackyard games are a great way to connect with friends and family of all ages. Browse the outdoor department at your local superstore for games like bean bag toss, bocce ball and horseshoes, or make your own.


Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVsBringing your favorite shows and sporting events outside is the ultimate entertainment experience. Outdoor televisions from SunBrite TV have been designed to resist the elements, like rain, dust, bugs, UV rays and extreme temperatures. This brand has been featured in professional sport stadiums, including Wrigley Field, Yankee stadium and more. Visit their website to learn how you can bring this all-weather TV to your own backyard.


Outdoor Theater Systems

Few things are as luxurious as an outdoor theater system. On nice nights, watching a movie underneath the stars is sure to be a memorable experience. Outdoor theater systems can be purchased at specialty stores and online.

If a full system feels extravagant, outdoor projectors can be purchased or rented at a lower cost.


Zip Lines

Zip LinesNothing turns your backyard into a fun zone quite like a zip line. This addition is great for children and adults alike! Companies exist that can help you install a zip line safely; you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re doing if you plan to install the line on your own. When properly installed, this piece of equipment takes backyard fun to new heights.

If a zip line feels a little too extreme for you, maybe go with an old-fashioned tire swing or a comfortable hammock.


String Lighting

String LightingString lighting is the definition of fun and functional. This lighting style has become a staple in outdoor areas, doing just as much to set the mood of a space as it does to light it. Dress up your awning with the glow of elegant orbs, colorful paper lanterns, or even festive pink flamingos. With hundreds of styles to choose from, a number of which are now solar-powered, you can select a string of lights that fits both your personality and your budget.

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