What is the Cost of a Screen Room


Screen rooms are a wonderful addition to any home and there are a ton of wonderful reasons to opt for one in your own home. When it comes to screen rooms there are a few different things you should consider and you should keep in mind, but what is the cost of a screen room? The biggest concern is of course the overall cost of the screen room. These factors can help you determine what size and type of screen room you want and what cost considerations you should keep in mind when building.


The first consideration when it comes to the overall cost of your screen room is the size. If you are creating a completely new footprint for your screen room you can decide what size you want and what size fits your budget. If you are creating a screen room from something like a deck or existing room you may have to use the space that you already have. In general, the size of the screen room is going to be the major factor when it comes to the overall price of your screen room once it is complete.


Another factor is placement. If you already have something like a deck in place and you want to use it as the base of your screen room you can save some money. If the deck is still safe to use and your contractor says that it will pass code, it can be a wonderful base for your screen room and can even save you some money on the overall cost of building. If however your deck is not usable or not safe, you will likely need to have it demolished which can end up costing quite a bit of money.

Added Features

Another issue to think about is of course the overall features you want to add. Of course a straight forward screen room that does not have things like added decks, fans, and more are going to cost less than the alternative. However, most homeowners opt to have some added outdoor space on their screen room since they are already undergoing renovations and additions. For a large screen room, approximately 14’ x 18’ with no added decks you can expect to pay upwards of $18,000 based solely on the construction and materials cost.

Material Cost- the next thing to keep in mind is that many materials fluctuate in cost from month to month. It may be cheaper to build a screen room with an aluminum roof when the cost of aluminum is down and it may be cheaper to go with another option. Also, wood, screens, flooring, concrete, and even labor fluctuate and are going to cost different amounts at different times of year and as you choose to buy from different suppliers. In this case it is almost always smarter to take the advice of your contractor or builder to find out what is going to be the most cost effective and what is going to make you the best finished screen room.


The very last consideration is of course the finishes you choose. Gabled roofs for example are going to be much more expensive than a shed roof, arched windows are going to cost more, the type of screen you choose will add to the price and so on. If you have the money and are looking to go all out this is not going to be a huge consideration for you but if you are looking to save money this is the category where you can save thousands. Instead of something like an expensive pine floor look for cheaper options that are going to feel luxurious without the added cost. If you want a barbeque go for one that is on sale as opposed to a full gourmet kitchen.

No matter what you choose, a screen room can be a wonderful investment and can make your home that much more comfortable and interesting.

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