Ways to Enhance Your Front Door


Front doors are often the first impression that anyone gets of your home even before they step inside. Your front door can increase your curb appeal, can make your home look ten times better, and can affect the overall look and feel of your home. Is your front door a little boring? Here are some easy tips and tricks that you can use to bring life to your front door and leave it looking absolutely wonderful.


Though it may seem like a long shot, an awning can actually improve your home vastly. Depending on what company you use, you can find great awnings that are fitted to your door and to the style of your home quite easily. An awning can take a drab house and make it have life and interest. For those that do not have a front porch, this is especially handy as it can also serve as a way to stay in out of the rain and can also give your home a shady place to rest. You can also use matching awnings over windows to give your home a tied together look that is absolutely stunning.


This is another way to make your front door that much more interesting. Try adding a fun wreath that reflects the season, one that reflects your personality, one with your favorite colors or one that has your last name incorporated. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wreaths as there are so many different styles that you can choose from. You can make your own or you can buy from a store but no matter what you choose, a wreath is an easy and fast way to make your home look a million times better with no major changes or work to be done.


A coat of paint can do wonders. Try a bold color that is not expected for a flare and for visual interest.A red door is always intriguing and can make any home look far more interesting and more updated. You can try colors that coordinate with your landscaping, colors that are on trend, or colors that appeal to you. When it comes to painting your door there is no end to the colors that you can choose to make your front door look as perfect as possible. You can add visual interest by swapping colors frequently or just choosing a great color and sticking with it.

Door Knockers

Though it may seem like a small addition, a door knocker can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your door. You can get an elaborate knocker that is intricate and flashy, or you can opt for a traditional style that is a bit more subdued. This is a great way to make your door more interesting without having to go through the process of painting or through replacing your door. Knockers can add interest and can draw attention to your door easily and quickly and they are just fun to pick out honestly.

Add Windows

For those that are a bit more adventurous, adding windows to an existing door is not as difficult as it may seem. Though you will likely need the help of a professional, or at the very least someone who is handy with power tools, you can add windows to a door that you already have. If you are adding windows to save money, you are going to want to complete them yourself but if you are going to be putting in windows just for visual interest a professional may be the way to go. This can add tons of beauty to an existing door and you get to pick the windows that are going to be added.

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