Top Outdoor Decor Trends in 2014


Here in Phoenix, we don’t experience long and grueling winters like most others in the country. In fact, we come scrambling inside come July trying to get away from the heat. However, it’s time to start spending hours outdoors again, and since we are able to do that quite a few months out of the year, outdoor living is an important part of desert dwelling. The ideas below work for other geographic areas, as well, of course, especially once heavy winter storms dwindle down. It’s time to start thinking of fixing up that backyard come spring, especially after months of lack of use. To get your decor engine started, take a look at the top outdoor decor trends of 2014 and start packing away those heavy coats.

Make it a Staycation Spot
The trend of staying at home instead of leaving for vacation occurred when homeowners had trouble vacationing during the economic crisis, but it since has grown into a lifestyle. Staying at home can actually be as relaxing as a vacation – if not more so – if just enough changes and quirks are made to make home a place to run away to. The backyard is a perfect spot for this. Adding a welcoming area to gather around a fire, cushioned outdoor seating areas, an outdoor bar or kitchen area, an awning to create shaded seating, and cozy design elements like warm undertones and earthy sands can be small changes that make a big, home-away-from-home impact on you and your family or guests. 2014 sees you outside, grilling, swimming or just enjoying the weather with your loved ones.

Outdoor wicker
Wicker is back as a homey material reminiscent of simple days spent outside or on the front porch. However, standard wicker has a new, weather-resistant cousin. New outdoor-specific wicker is created from real wicker and a resin concoction that saves the piece of furniture from the elements. If you’re not interested in the traditional taste of wicker, purchase pieces in darker colors, mix it up with cushions in stark shades or patterns (think stripes or chevrons), and stay away from florals.

Garden Estate
Many people are appreciating food straight from the farm to the table more than in recent years. This has translated into a resurgence of backyard gardens, which not only brings in fresh food but fresh, natural colors and scents. Beautiful, natural vegetation is filling up backyards and sideyards in 2014; gone are the sculpted, prim gardens of the past and alive are lush, edible foliage areas that provide a backyard with nutrients and vivid color. Growers should concentrate on growing plants together that benefit each other, such as marigolds and tomatoes, sunflowers and other scaling plants.

Indoors Out
This is easier said than done. Outdoor furniture is obviously created to withstand being in the elements, and many pieces you have indoors are not. However, it is a growing trend to see outdoor pieces – lamps and tables, for example – that look like they should be sitting next to a living room sofa. Today, there are many choices that are made to withstand wind and rain: lamps that come with waterproof shades, rugs and cushions made with durable acrylic, ceramic end tables masked with weatherproof coating. This trend also crosses over to another big trend for 2013 and 2014: the handmade look. Also known as DIY, do-it-yourself decorators can appreciate that many inside accessories can be coated in an outdoor-specific glaze in order to be utilized in the backyard.

Light the Night
Even with a beautiful fireplace, lighting is an important part of setting the mood outdoors. There are LED lights now that can be utilized to create lighting fixtures of almost anything – from safe Japanese lanterns to lights you’ve made yourself to Christmas lights made functional for the entire year. You can find waterproof bulbs and can find them in an array of colors, so be creative here. Pale blue and green sets a different mood than standard yellow lights, and standard white LED lights can be a little too much like bright fluorescents. Thankfully, the LED investment is less than standard hardware sconces or outdoor lampposts, so it’s easy to experiment. Another great outdoor lighting option that is growing in popularity is solar. Solar lights can charge during the day to light up your night.

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