Tips for Decorating Your Arizona Room


An Arizona room is a unique escape from the stuffiness of the indoors, without being entirely exposed to the elements and pests. This flexible space provides a unique decorating opportunity: to bring the best of the outdoors into your home, where you can truly enjoy a slice of Arizona living.

Colorful Pillows for Decoration

Enrich With Color

The right color scheme can help you achieve an inviting space that creates an outdoor-feeling indoors. A southwest palette of pastel hues, like peach, mauve and turquoise, can make the room a feel outdated. Instead, embrace a bold color scheme that has been inspired by the natural environment. Rusty reds, sandy tans and cactus greens will make your Arizona room feel warm and alive.

Furnishing For Function and Effect

Furnishing an outdoor room can take one of two directions, depending on the effect you’d like to achieve. Patio furniture is ideal for screened-in patio areas, as it’s durable and low-maintenance. If your Arizona room provides enough protection from the elements, furnishing with traditional furniture can make the transition from the rest of your home to your Arizona room even more seamless.

Plant decoration

A Living Room

Adding plants to your Arizona room will enhance the effect of the space as a transition between the inside and outside. The introduction of native, low-water plants, such as succulents and cacti, will bring this room in your home to life by providing a splash of color and creating a flourishing feel.

Decorate Southwest Pots

Decor Inspired by the Southwest

Southwest decor can bring the local culture and an artistic touch to your Arizona room. Approach Southwest decor with the intention of marrying tradition elements with your personal taste. Hand-painted tiles and ceramic pottery can add an authentic, Southwest flavor. Avoid using cliches like tribal motifs and howling coyotes.

Design With Natural Elements

Using natural elements in the design of your room can bring your indoor-outdoor feel full-circle, and give you the opportunity to get creative. Try using sand, rocks, or adobe in the decor or architecture, such as walls, or a fireplace, of your Arizona room.

Versatile Window Treatments

To give the effect of the outdoors, your Arizona room should let in as much light as possible. Of course, privacy and protection from the sun can be afforded through shades or drapery. The used of light, flowing drapes, especially, can turn the room into your own luxurious oasis.

We hope you use these tips to help decorate your new Arizona Room. Join us on Facebook to share how you decorated yours.

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