The Different Types of Carports and Garages


Carports and garages are a wonderful addition to any home but often it is difficult to know just what type you need. Knowing what different styles and options are out there can make the selection process much faster and easier and can help you decide what is right for you.

Corrugated Metal Buildings

The first and most common are those buildings that are made of corrugated metal and are freestanding from the rest of the home structure. These are gaining in popularity because they are inexpensive compared to those that are built directly onto the home and they are easier to customize. This type of building is perfect for homes that have a lot of land and that really want a building that can be customized to their needs and that is going to work well. These can also be placed just about any place that has been leveled and are great for pieces of land that may not have a home on them currently.

Home Extensions or Additions

Another type of garage or carport are those garages that are built directly onto the home. These are going to be a bit more expensive than a metal building or a carport that is open on all sides. This is going to add the most value to the home however and is going to be the most permanent of the solutions that we will discuss. This type of extension makes for a wonderful way to add value to your home and really make the most of your additions.

Open Sided Car Ports

The next type of carport or garage is an open sided car port. This option is going to be the most inexpensive and is going to be the easiest and fastest to get installed. With an open sided carport the frame is built and is then topped with a roof. This option is going to help protect your car from sun damage, rain, and hail but may not protect it from very dangerous or violent storms. This is a wonderful option if you want something cheap and quick that is going to do what it promises without any extra frills.

Attached Carports

Still another type of carport are those that are attached to the home. If you have an existing roofline these are easy to complete and are great for homes and for adding value. If you do not have an existing roofline however they can become quite pricy. These are wonderful for those that want a pathway from the home to the detached garage or that need something that is going to offer a protected outdoor space where you can be outside without having to worry about things like rain, sun, and other natural elements.

Specialty Garages

The last option that you have is of course specialty garages. These are those garages that are built for larger vehicles like campers and semi trucks, those that are built for working on cars, garages that are perfect for boats and so on. Specialty garages are going to be more expensive and they may not necessarily add value to the home if they are too specific. A great example is that not everyone needs a garage for a camper but for some it may be the right option. Garages are overall a great way to increase your home value, add storage, and make for a great place to spend time outside.

No matter what garage type you choose, it is always helpful to talk with a professional to make sure it is structurally sound and to make sure that your garage is going to be up to code.

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