The Best Barbeque of the Season: How to Do it Right


In Arizona, temperatures are now perfect for your best barbecue of the year. Here are some tips for gathering friends and family under the awning or around the grill for an unforgettable event.


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1. Preparation

A good barbecue depends on plenty of preparation—the more you’ve prepared beforehand, the less you’ll scramble the day of the barbecue. Do your shopping in advance to ensure you have all of your ingredients, napkins and more, and be sure you have enough charcoal or gas to last all cookout.

2. Snacks

It’s a good idea have snacks available for guests to munch on while the main course is on the grill. Consider keeping it light to avoid spoiling appetites. Cheeses, chips, dips and fruits are classic favorites, many of which can be prepared ahead of time.

3. Vegetarian Selections

While hot dogs, hamburgers and other meats have become synonymous with barbecuing, it’s no longer unusual for a vegetarian or two to crash the party. Have a vegetarian selection on hand for these guests, like veggie dogs or vegetable kabobs. Get creative by looking online for some recipes that everyone will enjoy.

4. Grilling Safely

Grill Safe to avoid Burnt Awnings
Grilling, of course, is the main event at a barbecue. Protect your guests and your awning by positioning the grill a safe distance from your awning—never directly underneath it. Heat and smoke can damage you awning, or worse, catch it on fire.

5. Refreshing Drinks

Festive drinks can bring something extra-special to the occasion, and they don’t have to be time-consuming to mix up. Check out our list of 6 Refreshing Drinks for quick cocktail and non-alcoholic drink recipes that will delight your guests.

6. Desserts

Desserts can be as simple as brownies or cookies from the box, or as fancy as grilled bananas or pineapples. Check out some recipes online and have fun satisfying your sweet tooth!

7. Music

Top off your barbecue experience with a killer playlist. Check out this playlist of 101 BBQ Songs that you can play for free with a Spotify account, or use the track list to inspire a mix of your own.

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