How-To Create a Sustainable Outdoor Retreat


Outdoor Retreat with Awnings
Summer is almost here! For many homeowners, this means more time spent outside in the garden, the backyard, or beside the pool. You already know that installing an awning in Arizona (and other hot climates) can help reduce UV damage from the sun and keep your family safe and cool in the summer time…but what about keeping the other inhabitants of your yard safe and healthy during the hot summer months? Sustainability is something to be considered when creating a backyard retreat for yourself and your family.

Here are a few tips on how-to do your part and keep your backyard chemical free and eco-friendly:

  • • To keep bugs away, spray the perimeter of your lawn with an orange oil based spray (like Orange Guard, $8 at natural food stores). Limonene, a naturally occurring compound in citrus, will deter ants, roaches, and wasps.
  • • Create a naturally mosquito repellent planter! Basil, lemongrass, and rosemary can add zing to your culinary creations…and chase off mosquitoes at the same time. The smell of citronella candles can be headache inducing; why not plant some herbs for an awesomely herbal aroma instead? You can add marigolds and tansies for a pop of color…they look gorgeous and contain pyrethrum, a naturally occurring chemical that keeps bugs at bay.
  • • Hang hummingbird feeders, create a salt lick for butterflies, or make your own birdseed.
  • • Install compost bins or rain barrels. These measures will reduce waste from your kitchen, cut down on your water bills from watering, and give you access to free fertilizer and water for your garden or lawn.
  • • And, of course, to keep all of these new eco-friendly backyard additions cool and protected from too much sun, install a retractable awning to keep yourself, your family, your plants, and your furniture shaded and protected during the hot summer months. Contact one of our helpful Mesa Awning experts today to learn more about your choices for retractable awnings in Phoenix and the Valley.
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