Storage Solutions


There are many types of storage solutions for your home, from adding an extra closet to shoving everything up in the attic. When all of the in-your-home ideas run out, however, there are outdoor storage options. Commonly placed in a backyard or on the side of the house, outdoor storage sheds are customizable buildings, small to large, that are designed, created and installed according to the consumer’s specific needs.

How do you know exactly what type of storeroom you need? While your local home storage company can meet with you to discuss your unique needs and desires, there are a few common storeroom concepts that can provide you with basic knowledge before you shop around. 

Some storerooms can be built according to an existing awning or covering. Some can even be built to attach to the house or garage to create easy movability between spaces. These examples are convenient places to store garage tools, gardening tools, mechanic items or even for an art studio that needs to be away from the house but close to air conditioning, heating or a bathroom. Vertical, hard board utility are fitting for rakes, hoes, shovels, etc. because they stand tall.

Deck and patio storage sheds are convenient for items you would use near or on the porch, like grilling tools, pool cleaning supplies, extra porch chairs or benches. Vinyl lap sliding storerooms, lap sided hardboard storerooms and Yoder storerooms are all handy selections for the backyard, as they can be built to resist weather and last a long time.

It is important to take an inventory of what you will be storing and what type of organization fits your habits best before meeting with a storage company and shopping around. Outdoor sheds are often made from aluminum or other hardy materials and many can have vents or windows, which are perfect for both the aesthetic of the shed and for sheds in which a lot of time may be spent. Storage buildings can also add value to your home.

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