Tips for Sprucing Up Your Front Yard


Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

As temperatures warm and spring hints its right around the corner, you might be itching to make your way outside into your outdoor space and do a bit of renovation. While we at Mesa Awning offer a variety of products to help your transform any outdoor living area with our products such as pergolas, awning and patio covers, we also encourage you to get out in your yard and do some landscaping of your own to enhance these wonderful features. Therefore, we have compiled the following list to get you started:

Create a Plan

It might seem to go without saying, but it’s important to map out what you want your front yard to look like before purchasing any of the following items. Be prepared to alter your vision to meet reality in terms of space and budget constraints. However, in general, you need to have some sort of plan and budget in place before beginning your front yard landscape renovation.

Utilize Rock, Brick or Pebbles

In a climate like we enjoy in Arizona, rock is an ideal front yard material. It doesn’t have to be watered, it won’t die, it always looks great and its in good supply in the region. You don’t have to commit your entire front yard to rock, of course. A good suggestion is to incorporate small rock, such as pebbles or gravel in some areas, along with large stones, like river rock, which you can use to create a walkway or pathway through your yard and provide a lot of ground cover. Ideally, you will want to utilize some rock or hard material along with soft lush material like grass, or flowers. This will reduce the amount of watering you have to do in the especially dry months in order to keep your grass and other plants alive.

Drought Tolerant Landscape

Speaking of flowers, plants, and grass, you should select only drought-tolerant landscape. Succulents or flowering plants with a low water label is what you want to look for at the nursery. Ask a plant expert before choosing your landscape to ensure you get the right type of plant for your soil. Many nurseries will test it for you and even help you create a layout. When you get your plants in the ground, water them regularly until the roots are good and established. Once they have taken well, you won’t have to water them very often at all, just around once a month.  This is ideal when water is in short supply and the days are long and hot.

Consider Landscape Lighting

Another aspect to consider when transforming your front yard is landscape lighting. This is a great way to highlight your walkway once it grows dark in the evenings, and it just adds a touch of elegance. Consider hiding landscape lighting under shrubs to keep the light subdued.

Implement Practical Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Accessories

Items such as a birdbath, bench, planter, etc. can serve two purposes. First of all, they can serve a practical purpose, providing birds with much-needed water, giving guests or yourself a place to sit, providing a home for your plants. However, when you select accessories that are visually appealing, you also up your curb appeal by having them in the front yard.

Finish Your Transformation With a Bang

To complete your renovation and truly transform your home’s outside appearance, consider adding a pergola like the high-quality ones offered at Mesa Awning. These can be utilized in a variety of ways. You can use them to grow creeping plants and/or create a nice sitting area in your yard. This addition is one easy way to transform your entire front yard for the better.

Your front yard is your first opportunity to make a good impression on anyone who comes to visit you. Therefore, making sure your front yard matches the quality of your home’s interior and backyard with these simple front yard landscaping ideas is important. Contact us at Mesa Awning to learn more about how we can help you transform your front yard.

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