What’s the Difference between a Screen Room and an Arizona Room?


Screen Rooms vs Arizona Rooms

If you hate the heat, there is a great way to enjoy the Arizona weather all year. Screen rooms and Arizona rooms – convenient add-ons to your home that don’t have the cost of a full home expansion – can provide space to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor living benefits without spending too much time in the direct desert sun. What’s the difference between screen rooms vs Arizona rooms? How do you choose which is best for you? 


Screen Rooms

Screen rooms are rooms offset from the main part of the house. They are enclosed with screens that allow light in but not necessarily the weather. These rooms are often a part of the backyard, a covered and screened in outdoor area. They are essentially covered patios with screens. Often the rooms were first patios, porches or decks. These outdoor areas were then confined by screen frames generally made of aluminum. By adding a screen, these areas became cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the cooler months, so people can head outdoors and enjoy the view or the weather without being uncomfortable.

Sometimes, screen rooms are also called sunrooms – a place in the home where the sun and weather can be enjoyed without the hassle of insects, rain or wind, but they are not necessarily the same thing. Sunrooms typically have windows, which protect the room from extreme heat and snow, but screen rooms do not. Sunrooms and screen rooms are common all over the United States, especially in places where rain and humidity are frequent.


Arizona Rooms

Arizona rooms are an extension of the house, usually accessed from other living spaces such as the kitchen or living room. They typically have very large windows that can open completely. During cool months, many people will open the windows to allow the air to circulate. This makes Arizona rooms slightly different than sunrooms. This is because the windows in sunrooms are not necessarily designed to be open for months on end. During the summer, you can close the windows and add air conditioning to keep the room cool.

Arizona rooms receive their name from how frequently they are found in the state of Arizona. They are created to feel like they’re part of the house’s design and overall look and their purpose is to merge indoor and outdoor living. They were originally developed before air conditioning, so people could sleep in protection under a cool flow of air. A custom Arizona room is more than a screen room and more than a porch or patio with added protection. They are typically a place where families can enjoy the weather with protection or where homeowners can entertain away from pesky insects, animals or monsoons. This is especially beneficial in the desert, where scorpions and rattlesnakes hide in cool, open porches and can be very dangerous to anyone spending time outside. 


Bonus Rooms

Keep an eye our for the phrase “bonus room” while shopping for a house. If you see the phrase, it might mean that the home you’re looking at has an Arizona room or sunroom. Bonus rooms are very popular add-ons in the desert. In the summer, they provide a cool, comfortable space where kids can play, adults can do hobbies or where families can play games and other activities. In the winter, they are warm and pleasant. If you add a clothing rack or an armoire, you can even turn the room into a bedroom! One of the reasons Arizona rooms are so popular is because they add an additional living space to homes.


Why Arizona Rooms are Great

Less expensive – No matter your needs or location, adding a screen room or Arizona room is less expensive than doing a full home expansion. Full home expansions require a lot more planning and building. Plumbing and resale are concerns that go into full home expansions. They usually do not include bathrooms or sinks, so plumbing isn’t an issue. They actually add value to a home, and are attractive to potential homebuyers in the future. The commitment is less than a full home expansion, as well, but homeowners can still be creative with all of the endless design options out there.

Extra room – These rooms are a good option with homes that do not have room to expand. You can even customize and change them constantly to fit your needs. They are also convenient areas for growing families and homeowners who often have guests or like to entertain. Backyards often provide plenty of room for a screened-in porch or custom Arizona room, and these rooms can be any shape or size. Screen rooms and Arizona Rooms provide safe areas where the feeling of the outdoors can be enjoyed without actually heading into the outdoors. Protection from weather, animals and insects is just one of the many benefits screen rooms and Arizona rooms provide.


There is something great about the weather in Arizona. Sure, there are months of what seems like endless, ruthless heat, but those months make up a shorter period of the year. There are may months where our southwestern weather is perfect, breezy and full of pleasant sunshine. Want to know more about adding an Arizona Room to your house? Contact Mesa Awning for a free estimate. 

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