Pergola Enhancements to do During the Winter


During the winter there is little you can do to enhance an outdoor pergola as far as plants go. There are however a great deal of enhancements that you can do to your pergola during this off season to get it ready for the upcoming summer months.

Reason for Pergola Enhancements

Winter is the perfect time to upgrade and update pergolas for a few different reasons. For starters, winter is an off season so having work done on a pergola or other outdoor display or feature is going to be far more convenient than it would be during the busy summer months. Winter is a wonderful time to update and upgrade your pergolas or to have one added to your home because builders like Mesa Awning services are going to be far less busy than during the hectic summer months. Some companies even offer discounted rates for having work done during the winter months.

Still another reason that having your pergola built or updated during the winter months is that you can spend more time really focusing on what you want and you can see the structure of the pergola itself without having to worry about things like foliage and plants being added to it. This allows homeowners to see the structure of the pergola and to truly see how it is going to enhance the home in all seasons not just when it is covered in beautiful flowers and vining plants.

Enhancement Ideas

You can have tons of great features added like expansions, benches, tables and more to help make these highly versatile spaces even more versatile than before. Winter is a wonderful season for adding onto pergolas because you can see the entire structure without having to worry about existing foliage that may be blocking it.

Pergola Materials

Pergola materials can make all the difference depending on where you live and what weather your pergola is going to be exposed to. Plastic or plastic composite material is best for many regions that experience large amounts of rain or water as it can help prevent rot and can help keep your pergola up and working properly all year even through snow. If you live in an area that is drier like Arizona, you can get away with using wood as it is much drier there and rot is not likely. If you have any questions about what type of materials are going to be best for your pergola, you can always talk with your contractor to see just what materials they recommend.

Pergola Versatility Options

Pergolas are a truly versatile option for any home in that there are virtually dozens of different styles that you can opt for. Many people use pergolas as an added sitting area and an added area for shade so a full arch pergola is beautiful. This type of pergola acts like an outdoor room of sorts and can add tons of interest and use to your outdoor space making your back yard that much more enjoyable. In a place like Phoenix where summers can get very hot, it is always nice to have something like a pergola to give you shade so that you can still use your outdoor space without having to worry about being too hot or in direct sunlight.

If you are looking for a more demure option, you can always use something like a pergola that is attached to the front of your home like an awning to give your home an added beauty and an added interest to your home without having to commit to a large pergola that may take up a ton of room in your yard. You can also opt for features that are going to be more visually interesting and out of the ordinary as well as those traditional options that are going to be classically beautiful.

If at any time during your winter renovation you are concerned or you have doubts as to what you want, your contractor will be happy to tell you just what options are available to you and what designs you can choose from so that you can truly get the pergola that you want in your home.

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