How to Organize the Inside of a Shed


How to Organize the Inside of Shed

Most homes have a shed of some sort in the yard. Be it one for pool supplies, one for gardening tools, or one that seems to collect a mish-mash of all the things we cannot store anywhere else, we have all seen a messy shed. There are ways to clean up that mess to make the most of the space you have and to help you find items easier. Here are three different ways of how to organize the inside of shed and why you might be interested in each.


1. The Constant Gardener

Most people tend to store items like garden hoses, rakes, shovels, hoes, and even lawn mowers in their sheds. This is fine, but these items do tend to get lost in the shuffle. They may also cause a great deal of mess. If you are mostly storing gardening items in your shed and you live in a climate that changes with the seasons, i.e. snow in the winter, rain in the spring, etc, it is helpful to organize your shed by seasons.

A great way to do this is to either designate shelves or cupboards for each season. You can then put the accompanying items in them. Smaller gardening tools fit nicely into bins and cupboards while larger items like rakes, hoes, and shovels fit well into special racks. Racks that are made to get them up and off the floor and keep them in an easily accessible place are best.


2. Specialty Sheds, the pool house

If you have a shed that serves a specific purpose, like a pool shed, you can always organize items by what they are and by any specific storage needs they may have. Chemicals, for instance, need to be dry and kept up and away from children. Storing them on high shelves in Tupperware or other airtight containers is a must.

Nets, pool toys, and other bulky items are best stored when they are kept away from the door. This is to keep them from falling out when you are accessing the shed. They may also be well-stored in a rack that is built for shovels and other large items.

You may also want a separate place for towels and other fabric items. Cupboards that are up and away from the floor will keep these items clean and dry. Storing them in plastic bins is a great way to keep them away from mice and other pests.


3. The Mish-Mash

If you have a shed that is essentially a catch-all, the best way to organize is to put like items with like items. Bins or totes are a great way to keep like items with one another. Things like paint cans, tools, extra items, and even decorations are all common for catch-all sheds.

If you are placing items into totes or bins, it is important that you either that you take the time to accurately and adequately label them. A great number of bins with no labels is confusing and a great way to lose items. Or, you can opt for clear containers so that you can see into them when they are stacked or put on shelves.

Shelves are always a great idea when organizing a shed because they allow you to utilize both your horizontal, or floor space, and your vertical, or air space. If you keep things off the floor, you will have more yard space to enjoy.


If you are interested in making the most of your outdoor space as well, contact Mesa Awning today for a free quote. No matter how you go about organizing your shed, the most important thing to keep in mind is that any organization system you choose should make sense to you. A great system is only great if you know how to use it and you are able to keep it organized.

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