How to Make Your Backyard an Outdoor Oasis


When it comes to a backyard oasis, the only thing you’re limited on is space, and for some of you, space isn’t a big factor. Fortunately, whether you have a 10-acre backyard or a 10′ x 15′ area, you can still turn it into an oasis that’s not only aesthetically appealing and relaxing but  functional, as well. Let’s take a quick look at seven top tips for adding seating, easy home storage, and beauty to your backyard.

Pallet Furniture

So, you’ve decided to incorporate a few pieces of furniture into your backyard, but once you start looking around, you see how expensive quality outdoor furniture can be. Instead of dishing out thousands of dollars, why not make your own? And all you need are a few pallets, which can usually be acquired free of charge from a variety of local industrialists. Making outdoor furniture out of pallets is especially advantageous because you can create the pieces as small or large as you like, and you can paint them whatever colors you prefer.

Add a Storage Shed

When was the last time you walked into your backyard and everything was in its proper place? From your son’s baseball glove and bat to your spouse’s golf clubs, all of these items need to be stored properly, and in doing so, it lessens the clutter in your backyard, making it more of an oasis. An excellent way to add extra storage is by having a storage shed installed. Even a small shed will provide ample storage for gardening tools, a few bicycles, and other items you want to store. It’s time to quit being an eyesore to your neighborhood, and it starts with making sure your yard stays organized.

Add a Pergola

If you’re looking to add beauty to your backyard, you can’t go wrong with adding a pergola. The beauty and functionality of a pergola shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when the design includes lattice. Best of all, a pergola adds a bit of shade without taking away the fresh air to your backyard. You can easily have vines and other landscaping attached to the pergola, allowing them to grow up the sides and on top of the pergola, which adds even more shade and creates a breathtaking view out of your backyard oasis.

Deck and Steps

When it comes to decks and steps, you have many options to choose from. You can add a small deck with no steps or a large one covering your entire back yard if you want. You can also add decks around pools, water gardens, and other types of backyard accessories. Decks and steps are especially popular because they can easily be customized to meet each homeowner’s needs. For example,a family with a child in a wheelchair will of course want to add a deck with wheelchair access. Or if preferred, a homeowner can add on a deck that wraps around the entire home. It’s completely up to you. Take a look at these decks and steps for a few ideas for transforming your backyard.

Flowers and Stepping Stones

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to add beauty to your backyard is by planting flowers and putting stepping stones in the ground. Stepping stones are available in just about any durable material, including composite wood, and they make for a great way to spruce up your backyard with both flare and personality.

Privacy Fence

There’s no better way to add privacy to your backyard than by having a privacy fence installed. You can have metal, wood, composite, or just about any material used within your privacy fence, and you can choose how much privacy you want. or example, a fence with boards spread three inches apart won’t of course add as much privacy as a fence with no gaps between the boards. You should consider what you want to do in your backyard and the privacy that you will need; this will help you determine which materials to use and how much of a gap — if any — that you want between the fencing material.

Fire Pit

You can’t go wrong with adding a fire pit to your backyard. Even if you have small children, you can add a fire pit that boasts an assortment of safety features, including the ability to use it on a wooden deck. Fire pits don’t take up a lot of space, making them ideal for just about any type of backyard. If you want your fire pit to be large, that’s perfectly okay to. It’s all about customizing your fire pit the way that you want it.

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