How to Grow Snapdragons in Phoenix


How to Grow Snapdragons in Phoenix

Flowers are a fantastic way to keep your garden area looking great all year round. That being said, in an area like Phoenix, Arizona, it may be more difficult than you think to grow flowers in the Arizona climate. There are some ways you can grow plants despite your climate in Arizona however. The snapdragon is a beautiful little plant that is great for growing, even in the hot, dry Phoenix climate.


A Bit About Snapdragons

It is helpful to first understand a bit about snapdragons before you start to grow them. Snapdragons are traditionally cool weather plants. This means that they do best during the fall season and they do best in areas that are not terribly warm. In Arizona, even the fall is warm. This does not mean that you cannot grow snapdragons in Phoenix. The first tip you need to keep in mind is that you should be keeping your snapdragons in shade. Direct sunlight is good for snapdragons but they do not need to get too hot. If you live in Arizona, an awning is a great place to plant your snapdragons under. This is going to provide shade and cover as well as a bit cooler climate. Mesa Awning is a fantastic option for those looking to get a great awning.


Watering and Planting

If you are growing snapdragons and want them to do well, you need to make sure that they are well watered and that they are also provided shade and sunlight as needed. This is going to protect your snapdragons and provide them with the best chance at survival. Again, planting under an awning or planting in a pot where you can move the plants as needed on especially hot days or days when water is limited is one of the best ways to ensure the survival of your plants. In a place like Phoenix, you can plant in January due to the warm temperatures.

When it comes to planting, if you are growing from seeds you want to plant them about an inch below the surface of well-aerated soil and you want to plant them about an inch apart. This is going to allow them the right amount of space to grow and is also going to provide you a chance to weed out sprouts that do not grow well or that are not allowing larger sprouts to grow. If you are planting in a pot, you want to make sure your potting soil is moist and that it is well-aerated to provide your snapdragons the chance to create a healthy root system. If you are planting in soil, you want to make sure to pick a place that has both shade and sunlight and that is not going to get too hot. Retractable awnings and pergolas provide excellent conditions for this.


Care and Maintenance

When your snapdragons have sprouted and are growing well, you need to make sure you are paying attention to how they are growing. If you see that they are starting to wilt try first giving them more water and more sunlight. If you have an awning, this is going to make providing extra sun easy as you can retract the awning as needed. If your plants do not perk up with added water and sunlight, you may want to consider some sort of plant food or consider weeding out the snapdragons and removing those that are not as strong or that are not growing as well as others.


Taking the time to prune back dead leaves, dead buds, and making sure that the soil is aerated and watered is the best way to help keep your snapdragons alive. If you live in Arizona and want a great awning that can provide you with shade and your plants with sun, Mesa Awning has you covered, contact us today for a quote.

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