How Much Energy Does a Sun Screen Save?


When it comes to saving energy in your home most people will go above and beyond to save an extra dollar here and there, a particularly easy option is the addition of a sun screen, but how much energy does a sun screen save? Sun screens are a viable option that can save you energy in your home but just how much energy do they really save? It is helpful to first understand just what a sun screen is and what it does for your home and your home energy bills.

A sun screen, also known as a solar screen, is designed to block out much of the sun’s rays and heat before it ever hits your window. This means lower heating and cooling bills over the summer and winter months. Most sunscreen manufacturer’s claim that the screen will help keep your home up to 15 degrees cooler. These screens are meant to help reduce the heat of the sun by 80 percent to 90 percent before it ever hits your window which is highly beneficial for all homeowners.

How do Sun screens Work

First off they work to shade the home and to help keep the heat and the rays of the sun from ever reaching the windows and the interior of the home. Second, they reflect the sunlight and bounce it back so that only a portion of the heat and rays make it through the windows. Lastly, they work to absorb the heat and disperse it around the window and the screen to help make for a much cooler home. These principles work well to keep the home cooler and to help remove a great deal of heat from the home before it ever gets introduced.

Sun screens in the Summer and Winter

Sun screens can help reduce cooling costs by up to 30 percent and that they can keep your home a comfortable 15 degrees cooler during the hot summer months.Sun screens can also help buffer the cold in winter and help to reduce your heating bills as well. Another benefit is that these screens are said to help reduce window washing as they help to keep dirt and grime off of windows.

Sun screens and Additional Value

Sun screens can also add value to your home and can help to make the structure more beautiful than traditional screens. You can also purchase these screens in different colors, shapes, and sizes depending on the window that you have in mind. The darker colors of the screens do block more sunlight and heat and the darker the color the better the visibility out of the home. Lighter colors offer more daytime privacy and allow more light into the room during the day as well. It depends completely on what you want your screen to do and what look you want overall for your home.

Sun screens are a very easy to install option that does not require that your home be torn up or that any additional hardware be installed. You can generally get your installer to simply mount the screen in the existing window frame and get a look that is seamless and beautiful no matter what. You can find out more about sun screens by contacting Mesa Awning to discover all of your sun screen options.

Sun screens are a great option and can do wonders for your home and for your overall heating and cooling bills during all months.

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