Can Awnings Be Built Over Pools?


Everyone loves being outside. That being said, sometimes it can be a little too hot and the direct sunlight might not be comfortable. That is where awnings and other shade structures come into play. Since pools are primarily a summer fixture, most people that want to enjoy the pool have to endure the intense heat of direct sunlight? Can awnings help?

Can Awnings Be Built Over Pools?

The main concern with building an awning over something like a pool is of course, height. Generally, if you have a wading pool or a small pool that is not all that deep, you certainly can build an awning over it. For larger pools, it may be necessary to find taller shade structures or to look for those shade structures that are freestanding and that are not attached to a building.

An awning is generally attached to the side of a structure to provide quick and easy shade that does not stand on its own. If you have a wading pool or other shallow pool that is located near the structure that the awning is set to be attached to, you certainly can extend the awning over the pool. For in ground pools the concern is not really the height of the pool but rather its proximity to the awning and to the structure that supports the awning.

If you are interested in building a freestanding shade structure over your pool it is always best to talk with a professional to see just what steps need to be taken to build the shade structure. A concern with an already standing pool and building a shade structure is of course, making sure that no nails, screws or other building materials get into the pool and damage the side walls or the liner. A professional company is going to be able to protect your pool and build your shade structure so you can spend all summer playing in the pool without having to deal with direct sunlight.

The short answer is yes, awnings can be built over pools. Pools can also be built under existing awnings. You can also place things like wading pools, kids pools, and other shallow pools under awnings yourself. If you have a larger pool or need a more extensive build, it is always going to be easier and more efficient to contact a professional company to have your awning installed professionally.

Specialty Awnings

With any project that involves building an awning over an existing structure or building an awning that is going to have specifications that require a very unique design, it is always best to have a professional company on your side. Mesa Awning can help you to build the perfect awning that not only meets your needs, but also that exceeds your expectations. With a professional team that comes to measure, sketch, and fabricate your awning so that it meets all your needs.

Mesa Awning has a range of different prefabricated awnings, specialty structures, and fully customizable awnings that can be tailored to meet the needs of any project. If you want an awning that is going to protect your pool and the people swimming in it, an awning that is going to increase the value of your home, and an awning that is going to make summer that much better, Mesa Awning has you covered.

Awnings are a great way to make even the most intense heat and direct sunlight bearable and they can also work to make your pool more comfortable as well. Contact us today to start the process of choosing and designing the awning that is going to fit your needs and desires best.

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