Build the Perfect Outdoor Tiki Bar


Tiki bars and other outdoor extras are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space and really see how much fun the backyard can be. That being said, building a tiki bar is easier than you might imagine and can be done in a few easy steps.

1. Building the Bar

The first step is to determine how large you want your bar to be. You can use pallets to make a great bar structure or you can opt for wood planks. Start by building your frame. You can use 2X4s to make your frame. Build a box frame that is the size that you want then build the fa├žade with plywood that can then be covered, painted, and decked out to fit your tastes. Cover your frame so that you have a bar that is a box essentially with an open back where you can add shelves, a fridge, and more all hidden behind the bar. Covering your finished bar with bamboo or reeds and grasses can give it a fun tropical feel and can help cut down the work that you are going to need to finish your bar.

2. Canopy

The next step is to build the framework and canopy. You can do this by attaching four bamboo poles to the corners of your bar. This is going to provide a frame for your roof. Attach a cross member between your bamboo rods so that you can then add your colorful canopy. When attaching your cross members you can either use a rope to secure it or you can use screws then cover them with rope to make it more secure and authentic looking at the same time. You can add netting, shells, starfish and more to add to the festive island feel and really give your Tiki bar some character.

3. Finishing the Roof

Now that you have a great canopy framework done you need to figure out how to cover it. You can go two ways, fallen palm leaves are a great authentic way to go and can really make the most of your tiki bar. These are also inexpensive as many people just want them gone. You can also opt for water resistant outdoor fabric over the roof structure. Fabrics is going to be a bit more durable and you can customize it with fun prints and extras. It is also going to make your tiki bar seem more permanent and less like a party prop.

4. Lighting

If your tiki bar is being used during the daylighting may not be an issue but it needs to sparkle at night. Rope lights, LED lanterns, and other outdoor lights are a great way to bring light to your tiki bar. You can find hanging LED lanterns at most home stores and rope lights can be your old Christmas lights that are not being used. You can also use tiki torches. Torches and open flame are going to help keep pests like mosquitos away and are going to help give you some heat as well on chillier nights. Candles that have citronella in them are also a great option and can make for a beautiful addition to your bar.

5. Decoration

The last step is to decorate your bar and give it real island flavor. Adding things like tiki poles, coconuts, flowers, bamboo, reeds, grass, and more can all make for a festive look that is going to work with your tiki bar to give it real flavor.

No matter how you choose to complete your tiki bar, they are a great addition to your backyard and are great for summer parties.

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