The Benefits of Phoenix Window Awnings


Phoenix window awnings can be both beautiful and functional additions to your home’s exterior. Awnings provide covering to windows that are in direct sunlight. Today, from a design standpoint, they can be considered old-fashioned, but not only are awnings functional, they can be designed and installed to fit into the look of your home and to help create a specific look overall. Awnings can come in any color. Black awnings often create a provincial French look. Striped awnings have a bit of a small town edge. Before you invest in awnings for your windows, it’s important to know that they can be customized to fit into any design scheme. It’s also important to know a little about them to see if they are the best fit for you and your home.

What exactly is an awning?

Awnings are generally made of canvas or vinyl and are stretched very tightly over a framework, which is generally made of iron, steel, aluminum or a translucent material. Some awnings are made of a plastic like material that also fits a specific look.

Awnings made with an aluminum structure often have aluminum sheeting attached to it – such as when a fabric awning is not practical because of snow or wind. In Arizona, fabric awnings are common. Especially because since they are mostly being used to protect a window from too much sunlight, Arizona awnings can be made in many different colors and designs.

Awnings are used most often over a windows or doors. When columns are added under the structure, awnings become canopies. Awnings and canopies are common in both residential buildings and in businesses. Restaurants use awnings or canopies to cover outdoor seating. In retail businesses, awnings are often designed with a company logo or address.

Most awnings are retractable, so on days of light weather, they can be removed to allow the sun to shine.

Why might I need an awning?

In Arizona, awnings are used to protect rooms from the sun’s heat and damaging rays. By filtering heat, awnings help homeowners save energy costs. By filtering the sun’s damaging rays, you can help maintain the quality of carpet or furniture in a sun-filled room. In colder climates, awnings can break strong winds and protect from rain or snow.  Fabric awnings typically last for 5 years or more, depending on the material of the awning itself.

Awning Styles

As mentioned above, many window awnings are made of canvas or fabric and can be customized to fit the design scheme of a home or business. Some awnings are made of plastic, vinyl or polyester material that is designed to hold up in the face of different types of weather. Window awnings are generally retractable, but in case someone forgets to retract the window awning and a hail storm occurs, many types of awnings can withstand the event – depending on the size and severity of the storm, of course. Arizona awnings don’t have to withstand severe weather very often, so if you are concerned about your awning’s weather resistance, it’s best to speak with your awning services professional to find out what type of awning you will need.

Awnings are either installed by an awnings professional or can be installed yourself. However, if you do plan on installing an awning yourself, it’s best to purchase the awning at a reputable Phoenix awning company where you can be given the correct instructions. Awnings are not the easiest window treatments to install, mostly because they are usually pretty large. A reputable awning installation company can make sure the job is done correctly. When you choose to install an awning over a window or door, you’re making an investment into the look and protection of your home. You want to make sure the window treatments are installed correctly, as they will be something many people will see.

Energy Savings

One of the most beneficial aspects of window awnings are the energy savings to which they can contribute. Since awnings can drastically reduce the amount of sunlight in a room, the heat in that room will also drastically reduce, allowing you to leave off your air conditioning or at least, turn it up. Rooms that are filled with sunlight generally need the air conditioning to run longer throughout the year; when a room is protected by an awning or shade, it gets cooler quicker, allowing you to turn off the air conditioning earlier in the year, such as September.

There are also tax credits for which you may qualify if you seek to reduce the energy usage in your home. It’s wise to find out what you can qualify for when you make a decision that will change your home’s energy usage.

Phoenix Window Awnings

Awnings have many benefits, and are certainly not an “old-fashioned” option. Window awnings can make your home both feel and look more cozy, which makes your home more welcoming to others.

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