Arizona Room Versus Sunroom


The terms “Arizona room” and “sunroom” are often used interchangeably, but are they really the same thing? We did some research to find the answer.

The term “Arizona room” can be used to describe semi-outdoor rooms, which are often found in homes in Arizona. These rooms are often covered, screened-in patios that allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors, without having to be directly exposed to insects of the hot sun. They typically just have screens, not windows. According to the Arizona Republic, Arizona rooms came into popularity before the invention of air conditioning. Airflow though the Arizona room made it cooler to sleep in at night than enclosed bedrooms.

Sunrooms, though similar in premise to Arizona rooms, are slightly different. Also known as sun porches or sun lounges, sunrooms are often characterized as having large panels, sometimes entire walls, of glass, which flood the room with sunlight. Like Arizona rooms, sunrooms typically have conventional roofs. Sometimes, though, they can have rounded, glass ceilings. In this case, the room is called a solarium.

Think you can tell the difference between them? Here’s your chance. Take a look at the photos below and decide whether they’re an Arizona room or sunroom.



C) MesaAwning.Solarium

A) Sunroom. The room involves many window panes and a traditional roof.
B) Arizona room. The room is a screened in porch.
C) Solarium. Gotcha! The room has glass walls and a curved, glass roof.

Did you get them right? Maybe no actually cares which is which. But, feel free to thank us when knowing the difference helps you win Trivial Pursuit.

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