5 Ways to Enjoy Your Patio Year-Round


Residents throughout Phoenix, AZ, love spending time outdoors. During the cooler fall and winter months, the temperatures in the area stay rather pleasant, which is one of the many perks of living in this arid climate. This also means you can enjoy your backyard spaces all year long. In addition to a patio cover, here are some other ways your friends at Mesa Awning recommend making your outdoor living space even more comfortable and enjoyable, no matter the season.

1. Choose the Right Furniture

The furniture you choose for your patio can make a world of difference for your year-round enjoyment. During the summer, you might have poolside furniture and breathable fabrics that give guests a place to sit. During the fall, you might swap out this furniture for deep and comfortable lounge chairs for leisurely visits with the neighbors. Finally, for the spring, you might put out a long dining table that can seat everyone for those start-of-the-year dinner parties or backyard barbecues. Either way, swapping and rearranging your patio furniture is a great way to continue to enjoy your patio space all year long.

2. Screen It In

One of the ways people get year-round enjoyment out of their patios is by installing a screened-in area. By screening in a patio, you get another living space that is cool during the summer and cozy and warm during the fall and winter months. Screened in porches or patios also give you more privacy, and make for a great afternoon lounging area. In addition, you can outfit it with comfortable chairs, a television, and even a day bed for those lazy Sundays.

3. Upgrade the Lighting

Your outdoor patio lighting matters. That spotlight shining into your backyard from the corner of the house won’t create the ambiance you’re after, especially if you like to entertain. If you want your patio to continue to be a place for relaxation and enjoyment, then string up some lights from your pergola. You can also look into hanging a stylish and low-lit chandelier for those intimate dinner parties with friends and family. Even placing decorative lanterns and battery-operated candles around the space is a great way to set the mood and provide enough lighting.

4. Add a Heater

When it comes to the cooler fall and winter months, the nights can be rather chilly once the sun sets beyond the mountain range. So, if you want to continue to enjoy your backyard patio, then invest in an outdoor heater or gas fire pit. These heaters come in a variety of sizes and styles, which means you’re sure to find the right one to fit your outdoor space. You can even go for the traditional log-burning fire pit. Anything that gives off heat will keep you and your family toasty well into the evening.

5. Swap Out the Plants

Your patio plants are a great way to welcome change and keep your outdoor living space inviting throughout the year. For example, in the fall, you might consider the color scheme of your outdoor plants, opting for plants with more autumn colors and tones. During the spring and summer months, you can have vibrant lilies or desert roses potted around the pool or patio. Finally, you can still keep plants that do well with the cold in the winter, including coral and red penstemon or globe mallows with their soft pink and orange blossoms.

Prepare Your Patio for Fall with Mesa Awning

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