5 Styles of Phoenix Window Awnings


Window awnings are very practical additions to your home. In the hot Arizona sun, the rooms in your home can heat up very quickly, causing you to run your A/C harder and for longer. When the sun enters your home, it also causes fading of carpet, flooring, furniture, drapes, curtains – you name it. Phoenix window awnings will protect these items and allow your home to stay in sellable condition for a long time.

Window awnings can be stylish, too. Many businesses and homes have utilized window awnings not only for shade and to bring down the effects of the sun but to add a unique design element to your home’s exterior space. Window awnings come in different styles and can be utilized for different things. Below are 5 styles of Phoenix window awnings:

Acrylic Awnings

Acrylic window awnings are usually designed to look like canvas, but are treated and designed to be durable and wind resistant. These fabric awnings are generally the most common types of awnings. They are often seen in dark green, black, or beige, but as they became prominent features, striped awnings – from chic black and white to traditional beige and white – have become popular and provide a fun design element to your windows.

Retractable Awnings

Usually available in different types of looks and materials, retractable awnings are generally more popular than awnings that don’t move simply because the home or business owner can then utilize the awning when he or she needs it most. Phoenix retractable awnings allow homeowners to move the awning on rainy or windy days. Though awnings are made to withstand different types of elements, being able to retract the window awning allows homeowners to utilize that awning for a longer period of time.

Wood Awnings

Wood awnings are becoming more and more popular, as homeowners look to incorporate more natural, more organic design elements in their home’s design scheme. Wood awnings tend to look like pergolas but function in the same way standard awnings do – though with a little more sun. Wood awnings are generally designed with slats, so a little extra sunlight is allowed through. If a homeowner wants an awning that allows for a little bit of sunlight, wood awnings are a solid choice. They will not provide intense sun protection, however, so they don’t always help your energy bill or the temperatures in specific spaces decrease.

Aluminum/Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are often used in practical spaces where looks don’t play a huge role in how the space looks or is designed. They are practical and durable. However, people are now looking into metal awnings that do have a design element – there are metal awnings available now that are made with copper or some other type of industrial metal. These types of metal awnings provide a traditional, Tuscan or even industrial look to different spaces.

Specialized Awnings

Today, there are options available for all types of awnings and looks. Many people choose to have awnings installed with metal supports – meaning instead of one flat acrylic or metal awning, you have an acrylic or metal awning that is divided or supported by metal poles in different types of looks. Like copper awnings, these types of awnings can create a very Mediterranean or classic look. Specialized awnings such as these allow homeowners to create an exterior space that fits their unique design desires. Speak to an awnings professional to learn what types of awnings your home could benefit from.

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