5 Must-Have Awning Accessories


Spending time outdoors is always a must, no matter who’s with you. Patio awnings create a perfectly shaded area to beat the Arizona heat, which is why so many residents turn to the team at Mesa Awning. We not only believe that spending time outdoors is good for your health, but it’s also the best way to get the most use out of your home. So, if you’re looking for a way to get the most out of this area of your home, here are five must-have accessories you’re going to want to add sooner rather than later.

1. Outdoor Speakers

No outdoor patio space is complete without some tunes. Whether you’re blaring all the hits from the decades or chilling out to some smooth jazz, an outdoor speaker is a perfect accessory for your patio. There are plenty of different speakers to choose from, and you can even hang some around the awning for a more surround sound feel. If your patio overlooks a pool, you should consider a waterproof speaker unit. Making sure your speakers can withstand pool water and rain will ensure you’re not wasting your money, and you can enjoy your outdoor tunes rain or shine.

2. Portable Fans

Some days it’s not enough to have a patio awning, and you need something extra to keep air moving through the space. That’s where portable fans come in handy! You can even mount one to the underside of your awning to create even more airflow. Or keep a few small handheld fans within reach. Either way, more air moving through the space will help keep you and your guests cool, regardless of the outside temperature.

3. Lights

Creating the perfect outdoor space for daytime use is pretty straightforward. But it can be tricky to use this space at night, especially if you don’t have the proper lighting. String lighting is one of the best, most popular solutions. You can easily string up some of your extra Christmas lights or stick with more decorative strings with evenly-spaced bulbs. If you prefer table lighting, there are some great battery-powered lamps options that are ideal for hosting intimate dinner parties or enjoying a nice quiet evening on the patio.

4. Drop Shades

We can even install automatic drop shades with some awning structures that provide even more privacy or shade. These additional retractable shades allow plenty of air through while still blocking out the sun’s UV rays. Not only do you prevent premature color fading of your outdoor furniture and rugs, but you also give your family and friends an enjoyable outdoor sitting area. When you drop the shades, the patio instantly becomes a cool sunroom-like area of your home.

5. Wind Sensors

If you plan to install a retractable awning or have one already, you know the importance of paying attention to the weather. Winds are especially damaging to awnings, so knowing when wind speeds increase is your best defense. You can accomplish this by installing a wind sensor inside your awning. This wireless sensor will notify you when winds are above normal, and you can quickly retract your awning to protect it from damage. A wind sensor will also allow you to move patio furniture before a storm or monsoon approaches.

Mesa Awning Keeps You Cool

The warmer days are approaching, which means you’re probably itching to get outside! So, before your patio gets scorched, contact Mesa Awning! We proudly serve residents throughout Mesa and Phoenix, AZ, and we not only offer high-quality patio awnings, but we also install window awnings and pergolas. So, get your free quote today when you call (480) 969-4064.

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