5 Great Ways to Keep Your Cool in the Summer


Hot Arizona Summer

Summer is often a bittersweet season for most people. On the one hand, being able to wear shorts and t-shirts and lounge outside is a great way to relax and have fun, like when going to the beach! On the other hand, however, it doesn’t take much for heat exhaustion and dehydration to set in if you aren’t careful while outdoors.

There are many ways you can stay cool, safe, and protected from the sun this summer, and some are ways you probably have never even thought of. Whether you are going to be hanging out in the backyard, on your home’s deck or patio, or going out and about, remember to keep your body temperature and sun exposure in check. For one, drink plenty of water; heat strokes happen to more people than you might think.

Here are some helpful tips for making your summer more enjoyable by staying cool and safe!

How to stay cool this summer:

Install a retractable awning on your deck or patio area; if you plan on grilling or spending some time in your backyard, an awning is one must-have device. Not only do awnings in Arizona offer superior protection from the sun’s UV rays outside, they can keep the inside of your home cool as well. Thus, before you go cranking the A/C down to 72 (or lower), consider installing an awning to keep your living area shaded and cool.

In this economy, saving money is essential and, besides retractable awnings, Alumawood patio covers are another excellent way to cut down high utility bills. In terms of outdoor comfort, you can reasonably expect patio covers to keep the ambient temperature well within relaxation range. The shade is your friend in the summer and patio covers offer great shade for a variety of activities, including lounging, playing, and grilling!

If you do plan on spending some time soaking up the sun’s rays, remember one thing. Place sunburn relief spray in the fridge before using; while you should aim to avoid getting burnt at all costs in the first place, sometimes nothing can be done to prevent it. If you have been cooked by the sun, putting relief spray in the fridge will cause it to be much colder on contact. Trust us when we tell you your body will thank you!

Put sunscreens on your windows. If you live in the metro Phoenix area, covering your home’s windows appropriately should definitely be one item on your summer to-do list. You know how hot the climate can get here, so why waste valuable money cooling your home when you can just block out some of the light and heat? Lighten the load on your A/C and wallet this year by installing some quality window coverings, such as window awnings or sunshields in Arizona.

Regulate your body temperature. Wear sandals and avoid wearing hats that only make you hotter in the sun. The human body actually cools itself naturally through the head and feet. By not covering them up and restricting airflow, you can stay cooler longer. Instead, protect yourself from the sun by seeking cover in the shade under your patio cover or awning.

For more information on the types of products available to protect yourself, your family, and your home from the intense summer heat, contact one of our helpful representatives at Mesa Awning Company today.

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