5 Fall Plants to Add Color to Your Porch


Time to Add Fall Color to Your Porch

When it comes to fall time, most people think about closing up the swimming pool, piling up the leaves, and getting ready for winter. The temperatures drop this time of year, making it the perfect time to tidy up the lawn and enhance your front awnings. For those who enjoy landscaping, fall time makes for some of the prettiest floral, shrub, and tree combinations. Here’s a look at the five best plants that can bring your fall awnings ideas to life this.

1. Calendula

When thinking of fall, bursts of orange probably come to mind. Calendulas are daisy-like flowers that are available in a variety of cool-temperature colors. From classic orange to the more subtle apricot, these long-lasting flowers have branches as high as two feet and are perfect for adding color pop to the yard. Planting Calendulas in areas with lots of sun is highly recommended, and they require moderate amounts of water, too.

2. Cyclamens

To welcome winter like it deserves, there’s nothing better than the blooming of Cyclamens. These flowers boasts clumps of leaves that are topped with blooms ranging in color from soft pink to bright red and even pearl white, all of which tend to look like floating butterflies or shooting stars. Often given as a gift flower, Cyclamens are extra versatile as bedding plants. When planting them outdoors, you’ll want to stick with Cyclamens that are smaller in size. Just make sure they are not in direct sunlight and have access to regular water.


3. Pansies

To add lots of red to your yard, make sure to plant pansies. They deliver long periods of blooming and attract attention easily. Although they are available in many colors, planting en masse of red often gives a striking appearance that goes great with the accompanying atmosphere of fall time. Mix in a few Dynamite Blotch pansies, and you’ll have a dab of soft orange that mixes with the red blooms. Setting up pumpkins next to pansies and taking pictures is a great way to capture great fall time memories.

4. Winter Jasmine

No curb appeal is complete during the fall time without Winter Jasmine. This type of jasmine has long, thin, willowy stems that tend to look amazing in both fall and winter time landscapes. Vines on the jasmine can reach as high as four feet with a width of seven feet. If you choose to train the jasmine on a trellis or wall, you can watch it grow to a height of up to 15 feet. Winter Jasmine provides the ultimate way to add lots of fall time color to your home and yard.

5. Nemesia

If you want to accent a certain area of your landscaping or yard with pretty little orange flowers, then Nemesia is what you’ve been looking for. They’ll grow up to two feet tall, and their upright stems help them stick straight up toward the sun. They need to be planted in well-drained soil, have access to sun all throughout the day, and have moderate amounts of regular water. Depending on the type you plant, they may be scented.

The best way to add curb appeal to your home is by taking care of your home’s exterior and the keeping up with your lawn. Whether you have lots of flowers or very few, the plants mentioned above provide a great way to add fall colors to your curb appeal. When combining these plants with the right exterior lighting and fall accessories, your home will look like it’s straight out of a magazine. For all of your landscaping needs or questions, contact our team at Mesa Awning!

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