5 Facts About Phoenix Retractable Window Awnings


Sometimes you want sunshine and sometimes you want shade. Window awnings can provide a lot of shade where you do not have it, and that shade can significantly reduce the heat in certain areas of your home. However, sometimes a little sun can be a good thing, especially on colder days. When you want a window awning that allows you to control how much shade you receive and how much sun is let in, a Phoenix retractable window awning is a wise investment.

5 Facts About Retractable Window Awnings

Retractable Window Awnings Let You Control Shade and Sun

Whether you use a retractable window awning to protect the inside of your home or the outside, you want to be able to have shade when you need it and sunshine when it’s necessary. With a push of a button, you can benefit from partial shade or full-on sun exposure. This is especially convenient for awnings that cover patios and outdoor spaces. The point of going outdoors is to get the sun, but some days, it’s a little too much. Resting under a retractable window awning allows you to enjoy the outdoor temperatures and protect yourself from harsh UV rays.

Conserve Energy

The sun can shine stronger in different parts of your home than others. If you have a large window facing the east or the west, for example, you will get the most of the sun’s light either at sunrise or sunset. The sun is powerful, and it can significantly change the temperature of spaces in your home that are directly exposed to it, especially for long periods of time. By installing a retractable awning outside of a window in an area of your home directly exposed to sunlight, you can control how much sun is let in, lowering your energy bill, conversing how much energy your A/C expends, and saving wear on carpet, drapes, curtains, and more.

Control Lighting

Naturally, when you limit how much sun is in your space, you also control how much lighting that space receives. This can be perfect in many areas of your home. If you have a space where young children play, for example, and it’s exposed to a lot of sunlight, not only do you want to help that space become cool, but you want to control lighting in that area for nap times, movies or just quiet time. Retractable awnings in outdoor spaces also help control lighting at parts of the day when the sun is extremely bright and harsh.

Grow Your Outdoor Space

Retractable awnings can add a expansive element to a patio or outdoor kitchen. Some patios and outdoor eating areas become too hot to enjoy, especially during a Phoenix summer. When it is protected by an awning, you can expand your outdoor living lifestyle deep into the hot days of summer. Protect outdoor furniture with awnings; keep areas permanently cool. There are many benefits to outdoor retractable awnings.

Got a view? Don’t block it – just block the sun’s harmful rays

Again, an outdoor retractable awning has many benefits, and one of them is blocking the sun when you still want to be outdoors. If your home has a view, you want to enjoy it as much as possible, but sometimes, it can be uncomfortable staying out in the sun for long periods of time. Enjoy your view and reel in the benefits of a retractable window awning for years to come.

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