5 Benefits of Installing Wind Sensors on Your Awnings


Are you a homeowner with awnings who wants to protect them from high winds and storms? If so, installing wind sensors on your awnings could be the solution you’ve been looking for. These sensors detect when strong winds are approaching and automatically retract your awnings to prevent damage. Below, Mesa Awning discusses five benefits of installing wind sensors on your awnings to help keep them safe and secure during inclement weather.

1. Protection from Damage

Wind sensors protect your awnings by automatically retracting them when high winds are detected. This act prevents potential tears or breaks and saves you on costly repairs or replacements. It also reduces the risk of damage to windows, walls, and other structures attached to your home. By ensuring that the awnings are securely stowed away during inclement weather, wind sensors provide an added layer of defense, preserving your property’s overall integrity and aesthetics.

2. Convenience

Wind sensors on awnings offer unparalleled convenience by taking the guesswork out of protecting your exterior assets. When you’re away from home, these sensors ensure that your awnings automatically retract in the event of high winds, providing peace of mind that your property is safeguarded. You no longer need to constantly monitor weather conditions or worry about sudden storms causing damage. This automated feature allows you to go about your day confidently, knowing that your awnings will be secure regardless of where you are.

3. Extended Lifespan

Wind sensors significantly extend the lifespan of your awnings by automatically retracting them during high winds. These sensors prevent wear and tear caused by harsh weather conditions, which can weaken the fabric and structural components over time. By mitigating exposure to damaging elements, wind sensors help maintain your awnings in optimal condition for longer periods, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. This longevity not only ensures better performance but also provides greater value for your investment.

4. Prevents Rain Accumulation

Excessive rainfall can lead to significant strain on your awnings, potentially causing sagging or even collapse. Wind sensors mitigate this risk by retracting the awnings before a storm arrives. By doing so, the sensors prevent rain from accumulating on the awning’s surface, reducing the likelihood of water-related damage. This proactive measure preserves the awning’s structural integrity and avoids the formation of unsightly water pockets that can compromise its appearance.

5. Increases Home Value

Installing wind sensors on awnings can significantly increase your home value by showcasing a commitment to maintenance and protection. Prospective buyers often appreciate automated features that enhance convenience and longevity, viewing them as valuable additions to the property. Furthermore, the reduced risk of weather-related damage to your home’s exterior and awnings makes the property more appealing, indicating you’ve taken steps to preserve your home’s condition. These advantages culminate in a more attractive, potentially higher-priced listing for your home.

Protect Your Awnings from Wind

As you can see, installing wind sensors offers numerous benefits if you want to protect your awnings. Consider investing in wind sensors for peace of mind, knowing that your outdoor space is always protected no matter what Mother Nature throws its way. Ready to install or upgrade your patio shade here in Mesa, AZ? Contact Mesa Awning today at (480) 969-4064 for a free quote. We’ll discuss your options, including awnings, pergolas, and screen rooms.

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