4 Reasons to Choose an Awning Over an Umbrella


Are you in the market for the perfect patio cover to protect you and your loved ones? You might be considering all your options, weighing the pros and cons of a patio umbrella or awning. While both can provide excellent shade, there are several reasons you should want to install a retractable awning from Mesa Awning. Keep reading to learn four specific reasons why you should choose an awning over an umbrella.

1. Coverage

Both patio umbrellas and awnings provide coverage from the elements. However, if you want more coverage overhang, then an awning is your best solution. With large patio umbrellas, you have to be aware of the wind speeds, because the bigger the umbrella, the more likely it will pick up the wind and get carried away. Additionally, no matter the size of your umbrella, you’ll always have to adjust the angle to follow the sun. But with an awning, you don’t have to worry about either of these things. It won’t blow away because it’s fastened to your house, and you won’t have to adjust the angle to avoid the sun’s rays.

2. Placement

Placement is always a concern when it comes to where you’ll put a patio umbrella. Because they often need a base, you have to worry about keeping an umbrella in an area that won’t get in the way of foot traffic and will still provide enough shade. Additionally, if you have little ones, you might consider an awning over an umbrella because awnings don’t require bases or poles. So, you’ll save precious space on your patio that your family can enjoy all year long. If you entertain a lot, then a patio awning will also ensure you have plenty of room for seating.

3. Durability

Retractable awnings are made from the most durable canvas materials on the market. Unlike your patio umbrella, which may only last a couple of years, your awning has an expected lifespan of 15 years. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend this life even longer. So, if you want to avoid replacing your patio covering every few seasons, then a retractable awning is your best solution. Furthermore, the fabrics of umbrellas tend to wear and fade faster under the sun’s UV rays, further limiting your protection and the life of the shade.

4. Cost

When it comes to weighing the cost of an umbrella versus an awning, awnings are more expensive which makes them more of an investment in your home. However, the years of protection, and the retractable ease of one of these patio coverings, more than covers the upfront costs. In the lifetime of an awning, you’re likely to spend more on replacing umbrellas that wear down or blow away during windy days or monsoon season. Additionally, investing in an awning guarantees you get a fabric that matches the aesthetic of your home, rather than opting for a patio umbrella that’s trendy or printed for the season.

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