4 Inviting Landscaping Ideas on a Budget


Thought and planning goes into an inviting landscape design. This does not mean that you need a big budget, there are plenty of inviting landscape ideas on a budget. You do have to get creative with selecting elements needed for the design. A well-designed landscape can provide homeowners and property owners pleasure and boost the property’s curb appeal. With a small initial budget and these 4 landscaping ideas on a budget, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a beautifully landscaped space.

Choose Easy to Maintain Ground Cover

Those living in an arid climate or have issues keeping grass green should consider hassle-free ground cover options. Grass and fresh-sod and cut into your budget and require a significant amount of water, additional weed treatments and fertilizer. A cost-effective ground cover includes planting of thyme, lamium and bishop’s weed. The plants spread quickly and you can start with approximately 10 ground cover plants at a cost of $5 to $10 dollars each. Such plants stay hearty through changing weather condiitons and periods of drought. Use this idea on areas that are hard to maintain, such as transitional spaces and side yards.

Plant with Perennials

Choose a plant that will return year after year to reduce your cost and effort. Perennials, unlike annuals, can spring back every year. Your initial investment of $6 to $30 for a single perennial plant often is more expensive than the purchase of a flat of annuals. However, perennials can become a permanent fixture in your landscaping project. Popular perennial varieties include alstroemeria, coreopsis and catmint. Purchase and plant once and enjoy the leaves and blooms for years to come.

Create DIY Garden Paths

Garden paths are a lovely idea to connect various elements of your landscaping design and provide designated walkways. Stepping stones can be costly when purchased. Those working on a budget can avoid the significant outlay by making their own walkway. Residents and landscape-loving property owners can use quick-setting cement, a bag of decorative shells or marbles, a hand-shovel, paint bucket, a ruler and a few shallow cardboard boxes to the same effect. Mix, pour, decorate with selected marbles and elements and let set. Then cut away the cardboard box for unique and homemade stepping stones.

Get Creative with Planters

Planters are an easy and mobile way to create visual interest in a space of any size. Groups clusters of planters for additional depth and height. A basic terracotta planter can run from $5 to $20. Group 3 of such planters in a designated corner and add creeping plants or flowers to spill out into the main garden. Popular plants for arrangements include fountain grass or upright fuschia, heliotrope or impatiens, and asparagus fern and wave petunias. Consider how you want to mix the different profiles of these vertical, horizontal and cascading plants to create your own striking display. The outlay for a creative planter cluster will be approximately $50 for terracotta planters of various sizes and up to $50 for the desired plants. Think out of the box and hit your nurseries and garden centers at the end of the season for additional savings.

Need More Landscaping Ideas on a Budget?

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