4 FAQs About Alumawood® Patio Covers


Summers in Mesa, AZ, can be unbearable if you don’t have the right backyard setup to keep you cool. Thankfully, Mesa Awning has all of the answers regarding backyard patios coverings, awnings, and pergolas. Our clients have come to expect high-quality products and exceptional craftsmanship. One of the most popular materials we get inquiries about is the Alumawood® patio covers, so we put together this guide answering the top three questions we receive from prospective clients or former clients looking to upgrade their patio coverings.

1. What Is Alumawood®?

Alumawood® is an exclusive aluminum product that looks and feels like wood. This material provides homeowners with exceptional durability and reliability in their outdoor patio coverings. It is designed and fabricated to provide the same beauty of wood, without the risk of deterioration from termites, cracking, splintering, and warping. Alumawood® materials come in white, desert sand, Spanish brown, and Sonora beige, making them the perfect alternative to wood pergolas and patio coverings. Our designers can use this material to build lattice style covers that provide maximum protection from the sun, without blocking the breeze.

2. What Are the Benefits?

Alumawood® structures are built to last, making them the perfect addition to your backyard. Constructed around massive header beams and finished with weather-resistant Aluma-ShieldSM paint, these structures can withstand the elements, no matter how harsh. Homeowners enjoy a low-maintenance patio covering that won’t peel or crack from prolonged heat and sun exposure. And, the material is made entirely from recycled aluminum, which adds to the attraction many feel for this product.

3. Can Alumawood® Structures Be Repainted?

While it is possible to repaint your Alumawood® structure, our experts at Mesa Awning don’t recommend you do this often. The finished product is already painted and coated with silicone polyester for maximum durability. If you do decide to paint your patio covering a different color, we suggest you clean it thoroughly and consult our team or a painting professional who has worked with Alumawood®. However, the new color could fade more quickly than the factory paint. When in doubt, always consult the experts.

4. How Should I Clean My Alumawood® Patio Covering?

Unlike regular wood pergolas or patio coverings, Alumawood® won’t absorb dirt or grime. However, that doesn’t mean that dirt won’t stick or show, especially if you go with a lighter color. Nevertheless, cleaning your Alumawood® structure is simple and easy. For a light cleaning, use a garden hose and a soft-bristle brush to remove any loose dirt and grime. Should you need a more thorough cleaning, use equal parts mild soap and water to scrub away any pesky dirt or residue on your beams.

Upgrade Your Patio

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and reliable material for your patio covering, then consider Alumawood®. The team at Mesa Awning has been working with this material for years and knows exactly how to install it to give your backyard the perfect shady spot. To receive a free quote or learn more, contact us today at (480) 969-4064.

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