4 of the Best Climbing Plants for Small Gardens in Arizona


You can have a stunning garden, regardless of space. Climbing plants are a lovely touch to add a bit of romance and unpredictability to a planned garden. They can enhance a space with historical architecture and add additional shade to a small garden. You should be aware that climbing vines can thrive in warm and arid climates. Consider easy to maintain climbing plants for small gardens to add organic and colorful elements to an inviting outdoor space.

4 Climbing Plants for Small Gardens

Trumpet Creeper

The trumpet creeper loves the sun. Trumpet Creeper is a vine that blooms with bright orange and yellow flowers. It is a grower and can actually grow up to 40 feet in a single year. It does well in a variety of soils and needs moderate amounts of water during the summer. The suggestion for a gardener is to plant in a container near the arbor or trellis to give the creeper some direction.


For those looking for long-lasting bright blooms in warm-winter areas, bougainvillea is a great choice. Colors of flowers are oranges, golds, pinks and reds. It is also possible to grow the plant as an annual in locations where temperatures fall below 30 F. Once planted, the roots should not be disturbed. The root ball can be easily damaged and lead to the death of the plant. Once established, the plant requires little water.

Climbing Rose

Bring the romantic touch of roses to your small garden. Climbing roses come in a number of varieties and colors to enjoy. Gardeners can train them on fences, pillars, gazebos and more. The majority of climbing roses are variations of the bush variety. Blooms can either be cluster blooms or large-single flowers depending on the variety selected. Some types even bloom continually. Leading canes horizontally encourages heavier blooming. Young plants are encouraged to climb with loose anchoring to a chosen support. They require sun or part sun and flowers can come in colors such as white, red, pink, orange and blue. They are low maintenance vines, good for containers and often emit an inviting fragrance.

Creeping Fig

You do not eat the fruit of the slow growing, hardy climbing vine. Expect large yellowish inedible figs when it fruits. Creeping fig offers an evergreen vine and offers gardeners fast growth. Creeping fig vines cling using their aerial roots. They can grow to a desired height and be trimmed with scissors. You can shape the growth into aesthetically pleasing shapes or allow it to grow more loose and natural. Growth increases as creeping fig plants age.

Small Gardening Climbing Plant Planning

Climbing plants, such as the trumpet creeper, bougainvillea, climbing rose and creeping fig, can add color and shade to a small garden. Plan your small garden while keeping in mind the practical maintenance requirements of a selected plant. Some climbing plants can become invasive when not handled and trimmed back as needed. There are many native vines that can thrive in hot climates and attract local butterflies and birds, adding to your small garden enjoyment.

Consider consulting with a landscaping expert to choose and care for the right plants for your space. Mesa Awning contracts with homeowners and property owners throughout Arizona to bring dreams to life. Contact (480) 969-4064 to discuss your construction needs with a reputable company serving Arizona residents since 1977.

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