3 Ways to Protect Your Home from a Wildfire


Every year, thousands of acres of dry forests and debris go up in flames due to wildfires. These fires can impact both rural and urban communities throughout the state of Arizona, making it essential to be well prepared to either evacuate your home or protect it from the unpredictable winds and fires. In addition to preparations, you’ll want to have experts on your side to help you rebuild afterward. If your awnings, backyard pergolas, or decks need repairs after a wildfire season, contact the Mesa Awning team. In the meantime, here are several ways to protect your current structures. 

1. Clean the Roof & Gutters

During a wildland fire, strong winds can pick up embers and carry them for miles. So, it’s important to clean out your gutters and clear your roof of any dry, dead leaves and twigs as they could easily catch fire from the passing embers, resulting in a house fire and potentially also spreading the wildfire in your neighborhood. Many homeowners even spray down their gutters and roof if they know that a fire is close. Keeping things wet and moist can help prevent embers from starting a fire on the roof or in the gutters.

2. Prune Your Bushes & Shrubs

Wildfires tend to spread where there are plenty of dead and dry leaves or branches, including bushes and shrubs. To protect your home from a passing wildfire, prune your plants regularly. Look for low-lying branches, dead leaves, and dead twigs that could catch fire. When you’re finished, promptly dispose of your trimmings, making sure to follow local regulations. Avoid placing them in a fire pit or keeping them in a pile near your home, as this creates a potential burn location for a fire to start or spread near your house.

3. Refuel Lawn Equipment Properly

During wildfire season, you must take extra caution when refueling and using your lawncare trimmers and mowers. If you do a lot of your lawn work yourself, you likely have a can of gasoline and your own funnels and fueling hoses. Over time, many of the hoses that hold fuel can breakdown and require repairs. Check your lawn care equipment regularly to ensure that you don’t have any unintentional leaks that could leave a fuel trail in your lawn for a passing fire. Even embers from miles away could land in your yard and ignite any fuel that hasn’t evaporated. In addition, always refuel your equipment in the garage or on a solid concrete surface.

Contact The Awning Experts

This year’s wildfire season could extend well into November, so it’s vital that residents throughout Phoenix, AZ, are prepared and taking precautions. When it’s time to rebuild or make repairs to your home’s skirting, carport, or patio awning, give our team at Mesa Awning a call at (480) 969-4064 or get your free quote online today!

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