3 Reasons to Avoid Grilling Under Your Pergola


Grilling season is right around the corner, and there’s nothing better than sitting outside with family and friends, enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. Grills are common staples in just about every home, but they do require special care and use. Whether you turn to the traditional charcoal grill or a gas grill, using it properly always ensures your food comes out perfectly. However, where you use your grill is just as important as how you use it. So, Mesa Awning is here to share three reasons why using your grill under your pergola may not be a wise choice.

1. High Temperatures Can Damage Wood

Pergolas are typically made of wood, which can be susceptible to damage from high temperatures. Even if your pergola is properly treated, high heat from a grill can cause it to deteriorate over time. This can result in cracking, warping, or discoloration, leaving your pergola looking unsightly and unappealing. To avoid any potential damage, keep the grill away from your pergola at all times.

2. Grease and Oil Can Stain the Materials

Another reason why you should never grill under your pergola is because grease and oil can easily stain the wood or fabric material of your structure. Grills also generate a lot of smoke that could settle on the surface of your pergola, leaving behind an unpleasant smell that could linger for days afterward. To avoid this issue altogether, try setting up the grill at least eight feet away from the pergola so that any smoke or cooking debris doesn’t land on its surface. Furthermore, make sure you immediately wipe up any grease or oil splatter that does happen!

3. Bugs Are Attracted to Food Residue

The last thing you want when grilling outside is an infestation of bugs near your home. Unfortunately, grills tend to attract pests like ants and flies due to food residue left behind after each use. If you set up your grill too close to your pergola, these bugs could make their way inside or around your structure in search of food or shelter, which is something we’re sure you’d rather avoid! Keep bugs away by always making sure to clean up after grilling and keeping the area free of any food scraps or leftovers.

Get Ready for Grilling Season

Grilling season doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the look of your outdoor living space. By following these three simple tips, you’ll be able to protect your beautiful pergola while still enjoying some delicious meals out on the patio with family and friends. If you’re like the rest of us and eager for warmer weather, then let’s talk about how Mesa Awning can get you ready for grilling season! We have a wide range of pergolas, awnings, and Alumawood® patio covers to choose from! So, if you live in the Phoenix or Mesa, AZ, area, get your free quote from us today at (480) 969-4064.

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