Ten Backyard Cottage Ideas


A backyard cottage or storage shed area can mean a lot of things to different people. A backyard cottage can be a place to escape, to build, to make crafts or simply just relax. Many storage sheds and storage rooms can be customized to be a backyard cottage to relaxin in. Below, take a look at ten ideas for backyard cottages that help expand your outdoor living experience.

1. The Artsy Tool Shed

Why settle for a plain old shed when you can create something that enhances the visual appeal of your backyard? Think along the lines of gingerbread houses, fairy houses, and miniature Victorian homes when you style up your shed.

2. The Green Garden Shed

A garden shed holds tools and other equipment for maintaining a beautiful yard. Add a potting bench on one side for an easy place to work. Add a seedling table on a sunny side of the garden shed that helps protect your new plants. Consider tacking pots on one outer wall so that can create a place to grow plants without taking up space.

3. The Outdoor Playhouse

An outdoor playhouse is an excellent addition to a backyard. It offers kids a place where they can play and provides a lockable place to store all of those toys. Such a place converts easily to other uses as kids grow.

4. The Art Studio

A studio in your backyard lets you have a space where you create a vibe to inspire your art. It also keeps your art in progress safely out of the way of your in-house activities. Turn your storage shed in Phoenix into potters shed, or a place where you can craft in peace.

5. The Hidden Library

Do you love books? If you do, create a hidden library where you can store all of your books. Add in a couple of comfortable reading spots, and you have a place of pure bliss. Such a spot would make an excellent place for a book club to meet. This can also become a place where kids do their homework without the distraction of the TV.

6. The Game Room

Whether we are talking about board games or video games this becomes a place that is designed for action and is like having your own arcade. How much quieter would your house be if you  created a game room in your storage shed? This might be one of the best storage room ideas ever. Take all of that noise, yelling and screaming outdoors.

7. The Man Cave

The grown up version of the game room. Take it outside and keep it contained in a single room. The can turn up the TV as loud as they want. They can yell, cheer and bemoan the bad calls by the refs. Add in a mini fridge for beverages and supply them with chips and dip. They can invite their friends over, and you will still have peace and quiet.

8. The Sewing and Craft Room

Do you have tons of fabric? Do you find it hard to find a space to work on your sewing project? Turn your backyard storage area into a room that enables you. It can have built in fabric bins, cutting and patterning tables and a place that is just for your sewing machine. Such a place could become the home base for your home based craft business or where you gear up to make products for all of those craft shows. This makes a backyard cottage that pays for itself.

9. The Extra Bedroom

Need a cute place to house guests?  Backyard cottages easily convert into extra bedrooms. With a little planning, you can add in a bathroom too. This is a perfect place for grandparents to stay when they visit. Add in a coffee or tea maker and a little sitting area, and you have all the comforts of home in your converted storage shed. Why spend money for motel rooms when out of town guests come to visit? It’s a simple fix with great reward.

10. The Outdoor Kitchen

During the holidays or for special occasions, it is nice to have an additional kitchen. This does not have to be anything fancy, but during the summer it is much nicer to cook outdoors, so your house does not get hot. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, recycle all of that stuff into your storage sheds in your Phoenix backyard. Create a space that works for you. In so doing, you can also create a special place for romantic dinners, dinner parties and BBQs.

These storage room ideas make a lot of sense. Convert your backyard storage sheds into rooms that mean something to you. In so doing, you improve your quality of life. So live it up!

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